Know your worth

Issue Three Cover

Driven Women Magazine focuses on women and motoring culture, with thought-provoking articles and interviews from around the world from experienced journalists and passionate enthusiasts alike. Created from stats that show how important a woman’s decision is in the purchase of cars, enabling women’s voices to be heard when it comes to the automotive sector is DWM’s mission.  Read more to discover how to know your worth and power when negotiating your next vehicle purchase.Read More »

Clare: Founder of Bon Maxie

Clare, founder of Bon Maxie

Creativity and business combined.  This is Clare’s ultimate dream that she never knew she could achieve….until she did! Bon Maxie was founded when Clare became a mumma back in 2015, and through a series of personal circumstances has flourished into a thriving business and full time gig. Read more to discover how it all began, the Bon Maxie creative design process, how outsourcing has helped the business, why challenges and innovation go hand in hand plus much, much more!
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Choosing sustainability this Valentines Day

Biophilia Blooms owner Josie Marc gives us her top 3 tips for choosing sustainability this Valentines (or Galentines!) Day

Whether you love or loathe it, it’s that time of year again. Personally I love it, because any day that gets people showing love and appreciation for each other can only be a good thing, and with the rise of Galentine’s Day there’s the opportunity to spread that love even further!

However, there is a part of this holiday that I do loathe; the enormous amount of waste it can create. Rest assured, it’s not all doom and gloom. There are a few ways we can all do our part to make sending flowers this Valentine’s Day (and every day) far more sustainable! Read more to find out my top 3 tips for making more sustainable choices when selecting your fresh blooms!Read More »