How to level up in your career in 2024

How to level up in your career in 2024

Having a modern career is rewarding, but definitely also comes with some challenges. Having the confidence, skills and experience you need to continue to grow and flourish is so important.  The good news is that there are practices you can start implementing so you don’t have to get stuck in one place and assume that’s all there is out there! Instead, take the time to review where you at at, how you are feeling, your strengths and where you would like to improve and grow.

Follow Your Passion

You want to wake up each day excited about your job and what you are doing! Therefore, it’s important that you follow your passion and do work you love. Know your strengths and consider job opportunities that will allow you to shine. You’ll do a much better job at work when you are doing what drives you to achieve your goals and feel satisfied in your role. If you’re currently stuck in a career that is not fulling your cup, then now is the right time to make a change. 

Dress for yourself

Dressing for yourself and having clothes to wear that make you feel confident and comfortable is key. Consider creating a capsule wardrobe of basics, tailored pieces and staples. Also, consider your accessories by adding some chic earrings and a good pair of loafers. When you dress for yourself and to feel confident and comfortable, it shines through in everything you do. The new year is the perfect time to go through your closet and organise your favourite pieces and outfit combinations for days in the office.

Ask for Feedback

You don’t truly know how you’re doing or performing unless you ask! To be successful in your business career you should always be reflecting and reviewing how you work to ensure you are working smarter not harder. Asking for feedback from your colleagues and manager can help provide direction, highlight your strengths and provide areas for improvement . Instead of taking this feedback personally, use it to your advantage. There are likely some changes you could make to how you work that will have a positive impact on your performance. This is also a good opportunity to network and pinpoint a business mentor who can help you navigate your career better. 

Brush Up on Your Leadership Skills

Brushing up on your leadership skills and being an effective communicator and a good listener are ways to become a better leader  by learning how to diffuse conflict and how to motivate others. It’s all about being able to build a team environment and helping each other succeed.

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