How postpartum hair loss led nutritionist Libby Boxall to create Dose & Co.

How postpartum hair loss led nutritionist Libby Boxall to create Dose & Co.

Welcome to our Business Edit, where I ask women I admire that have created amazing businesses to share their journey, advice and tips to inspire and motivate you on your own journey. In this edition, we're chatting how extreme postpartum hair loss led nutritionist Libby Boxall to create Dose & Co.

Hi Libby, welcome to our Business Edit, I am so thrilled to chat to you today. First of all, tell me all about yourself.
I grew up in Auckland, New Zealand and moved to Melbourne when I was 17 to study Fashion. I realized this wasn’t for me and ended up moving back to Auckland at 21 to study Nutrition and Naturopathy after health issues that I wanted to learn more about and treat. This ignited my strong passion and career in nutrition and health. After completing my studies, I worked at a Naturopathy clinic where I would see clients for issues from weight loss to cancer. I also ran a health and wellness website/blog. I began working on launching Dose & Co almost 5 years ago now, it has now been running for almost 4 years. I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota with my husband and 2 children, Maxwell, and Beau.

Let's chat careers. Tell me about your career journey so far.
When I was 18, I initially moved to Melbourne to study fashion and realized it just wasn’t for me. At age 21 I began studying Nutrition to help with my health issues at the time, after my Nutrition degree, I went on a completed a degree in Naturopathy. I worked in a Naturopathy clinic and saw clients who wanted guidance and help with their health. This was something I thoroughly enjoyed.

After meeting my husband, I moved to South Africa where he was based for work, and I ran my nutrition business. Then we moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota where I’ve currently lived for 6 years now with my husband and children.

What has been a valuable skill and knowledge that you have gained and still use today?
Tenacity and perseverance, a competence to persist and never give up despite the challenges along the way with business.  

"My biggest piece of advice is to dream big and go for it! There are going to be hard days. There are going to be challenges. But if you are full of passion, and perseverance, you can do this."

 Where did the inspiration for Dose & Co begin?
After I had my daughter Maxwell 6 years ago, I had extreme postpartum hair loss. My hair was very fine and falling out around my hair line. I tried almost every supplement to stop my hair from falling out. A friend suggested I try collagen and it worked great. However, all the collagen powders on the markets contained artificial colors and flavors, were low dose, expensive and housed in plastic packaging. This is when I realized that I wanted to create a brand of collagen supplements that were free of artificial colors and flavors, high dose, free of plastic packaging and were affordable to more people could experience this incredible supplement. 

Tell me all about the Dose & Co range, the benefits and why we need to try it!
The focus of the Dose & Co range was to create a high dose and affordable range of collagen powders that tasted amazing and were easy to use. The first products in the D&C range were the Collagen Creamers in dairy free and dairy options. These creamers were created so people can enjoy collagen in their coffee and tea. The creamers contain 10 grams of collagen per serving, coconut milk powder (or milk powder for the dairy option) and vanilla flavour. These products taste delicious added to drinks, and you get the added benefits of protein and collagen. 

We have just launched the Beauty Collagen which comes in a Berry flavour and Unflavoured. This product contains 10 grams of bovine collagen per serving, Hyaluronic Acid, and Vitamin C. These are designed to be added to water and have the extra beauty benefits from the HA and vitamin C. Other products in our range are our Pure Collagen that comes in Unflavoured and Peach flavour, and a Collagen Protein Powder and, Marine Collagen

"Our collagen products cover all bases! My favorite products in the range are the Dairy Free Collagen Creamer for my morning coffee, and the Berry Beauty Collagen and Peach Pure Collagen to add to water – these are perfect for summer".

Talk me through the process of creating your products.
I had an idea of the ingredients I wanted in my first range of collagen products and what I wanted them to taste like. I worked with a food technologist to ensure the products not only tasted great, mixed well, but were made with high quality ingredients. 

What business advice do you have for women who are wanting to start their own business or are on their business journey?
As cliché as it sounds, my biggest piece of advice is to dream big and go for it! When you have big goals, it doesn’t matter how many times you fall, your purpose will get you back onto your feet and keep driving your business forward. There are going to be hard days. There are going to be challenges. But if you are full of passion, and perseverance, you can do this.  

What are you reading and or listening to right now?
I’m currently reading Girls that Invest by Simran Kaur which I highly recommend. I’m listening to The Genius Life podcast by Max Lugavere which is a great health and wellness podcast. I’ve also decided to complete a Nutrition Science course at Stanford, so I’m spending a lot of my time reading for this which I’m loving. 

What is your favourite self-care ritual?
My favorite self-care ritual is going for a walk first thing in the morning. This is something I look forward to as it sets me up for the day, I can get in some exercise, and it ensures a more refreshed and productive day. I also love a facemask and facial.  

Where can we get our hands on the Dose & Co range and connect on socials?
You can shop Dose & Co products on and in store at Coles and Woolworths. You can find us on Instagram @doseandco and TikTok at @doseandco

Follow Libby on Instagram @libbyboxall

Thank you for sharing your journey, career and business advice and your amazing range with me today Libby. I have been using the Dose & Co. Collagen in my coffee every morning and it is now part of my daily self care ritual, and am excited to try the rest of the products! - Hayley x

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