TDPLOVES: Tribe Skincare

TDPLOVES: Tribe Skincare

Hi babes, so we have done Brand Features before here on the blog but we have given it a bit of a revamp and are now including it in our # series! Welcome #TDPLOVES where we share with you amazing brands, products and services that we are loving here at TDP and are bring value, inspiration, motivation and fun to our daily lives! Kicking things off is the a-mazing all-natural skincare brand Tribe Skincare. Our Chief Editor Hayley finds out the inside scoop direct from founder Kayla...

Hi Kayla welcome to #TDPLOVES! I am so excited to chat about your beautiful skincare range today. SO...what is Tribe Skincare all about?
In a nutshell, we are all-natural skincare (and now mineral makeup) for sensitive skin. The entire range is formulated to suit even the most sensitive skin out there, packed with anti-inflammatory ingredients and no harsh chemicals or common allergens.

What are some of the benefits and skin solutions we can experience using the range?
The range is focused on giving your skin exactly what it needs to get it in it’s best health so that it can essentially look after itself. When your skin has a healthy barrier, it is less prone to skin conditions such as breakouts, eczema and rosacea. The main benefits that come from using Tribe Skincare are the reduction of facial redness, blackheads and breakouts, and increased hydration and natural glow.

We love that the entire rang is natural, vegan, cruelty-free and Aussie made and all suitable for sensitive skin. Why are these so important as part of the Tribe range?
We want to make good quality, ethical skincare easy and accessible to everyone. The customers can go to the Tribe website knowing that absolutely everything in the range in manufactured within the guidelines of these core brand values. There has been a shift in retail trends in the last few years where consumers are looking for natural products that are ethically made with no animal by-products, so we are making that choice very easy everyone.

For someone who is looking to start a simple but effective skin care regime, what routine would you suggest and what should they use?Simple-but-effective skincare routines are our specialty! We have 2 simple-to-follow routines in our Trial Kits, one for OILY/COMBO/BREAKOUTS and one for DRY/NORMAL/REDNESS. They each contain just 4 essential products to make up your skincare routine so are perfect for anyone just starting out with skincare or time poor.

Tell us about your mineral makeup…
The mineral makeup powders were developed purely to meet our customers demand. Once you make the switch to natural skincare and see how much better your skin looks, you will most likely want to switch to all natural makeup too. A lot of our customers are prone to blackheads and breakouts which is why they switch to Tribe Skincare, and liquid foundation can make acne a lot worse. The mineral makeup doesn’t clog your pores at all so the skincare can clear their skin and the makeup is a perfect everyday solution as an extension to the skincare.

Favourite product for an Aussie summer?
Sunscreen! I know it sounds a bit boring and we hear it all the time, but it really is key for an Aussie summer. When Tribe Skincare first launched, we had a Day Moisturiser with SPF15. After so much feedback from Australian women, we reformulated and upgraded to SPF30 protection. It’s so wonderful that we are very educated on sun protection in Australia.

Shop the range here and follow along on Insta babes!

Hayley x

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