TDP LOVES: KOOTS™ Lazy Lash Club

TDP LOVES: KOOTS™ Lazy Lash Club

Hello my loves, today I am chatting all about the game (and life) changing DIY Lash Extensions range - Lazy Lash Club from KOOTS™, created by Kath Ishak. I interviewed Kath for The Business Edit, and it is such an inspiring read - make sure you check it out. Let's get into my experience as a first time DIY lasher trying the amazing KOOTS™ range (spoiler alert: it does not disappoint!).

I received the Luxe Essentials Kit, and from opening the beautiful packaging to getting ready to use the products, it felt very luxe and immaculately presented. I had already done my research on the KOOTS™ website and watched the tutorials so felt ready to give the lashes a try! (excitement building)!. For some context, I have never applied lashes before, not even an attempt at a strip lash. I have had eyelash extensions before and love the look, convenience and the fact that you can go without makeup with lashes on and feel put together. Such a time saver and one less thing to worry about. So, the concept of being able to lash at home is very appealing if you love the lash look but don't have time for salon visits or want to invest in professional extensions on an ongoing basis.  

 Here are the steps I followed:

1. BOND: This is the glue that will bond the extensions to your natural lash. A little bit goes a long way, so don't feel the need to over apply to keep your lashes in place. My biggest tip is to only apply to the root of your lash, do not comb through like mascara. You can also apply the bond to the individual lashes and then apply each one.
2. LASH: Trim your lash extensions into individual sections (I used about 6 per lash) and apply using the LLC Applicator. 
3. BOND: Apply a second (light) layer of bond to the bottom of your lashes. Double bonding is what massively helps achieve longer wear times.
4. SEAL: Apply the sealer to the bottom of your lashes. I used the applicator tip only, and didn't comb it through my lashes to keep them nice and feathery. The sealer removes any sticky residue & enhances the wear time of your lashes.
5. CLAMP: Lastly, I used the Lash Applicator to clamp the LLC™ lashes with my natural lashes to ensure a seamless blend and so they’re nice and secure.

Here is a during and after, I am wearing no makeup so you can see the effect of the lashes on their own.

During the application and the end result

The first couple of applications were not perfect, and it took me a bit of time to get my technique right, but the results looked fab and it was so simple to do (don't overthink it!). For someone who has never applied lashes before, I was truly amazed by how quick and easy it is once you get your technique right for what works for you.

The verdict: KOOTS™ Lazy Lash Club is truly a game changer and I am obsessed to be honest! I will use these almost weekly now and will definitley be restocking my supply very soon.

You can connect with KOOTS™ on Instagram and TikTok @kootslashes. To shop the range head to: TDP readers the discount code ‘THEDAILYPRETTY’ to save 15% OFF on your order.


Send me a DM with any questions at all!


Hayley x


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