6 healthy ways to manage your overall wellbeing

6 healthy ways to manage your overall wellbeing

Taking care of yourself and making your overall wellbeing a priority everyday is so important. When we are not feeling our best and experience something like chronic pain, it can be lasting and impact your daily life if not managed properly. The condition can lead to depression and anxiety when untreated. While there is no specific cure for chronic pain, you can learn to cope with it by combining therapy with medication and lifestyle changes. Here are some healthy ways you can adopt for the best results. 

Engage in meaningful exercises
You can activate your body’s feel-good chemicals (endorphins) through physical activities, relaxation techniques, and enjoyable experiences. Therefore, dedicate daily time to participate in simple yet meaningful exercises. For instance, you can consider yoga and other stretching routines. Several studies have revealed that exercise helps significantly decrease chronic pain and neuropathy symptoms. It also improves nerve function and reduces depression and anxiety, which often bother patients with chronic pain. However, you should start slowly and respect your body's limits.

Anxiety and stress can harm your immunity, adrenals, and blood pressure. These tend to worsen pain, producing a vicious cycle of discomfort. Thankfully, meditation can help you calm down, so feel free to consider this. As a tip, shut your eyes and concentrate on your breath for ten minutes to relax your nervous system and control your blood pressure. 

Consult a physiotherapist
A qualified physiotherapist can formulate a treatment and management procedure to reduce chronic pain. You will benefit from a detailed clinical and functional chronic pain assessment for management and rehabilitation. They can also prescribe appropriate exercise to slowly retrain your body.

Seek talking (psychological) therapy
Chronic pain can make you depressed, anxious and grumpy feelings. Unfortunately, these can spiral your mental health downward, so be kind to yourself. Living with chronic pain can be challenging. Moreover, you risk becoming your worst enemy if you are stubborn and don't seek emotional support. You may be able to get help from a psychotherapist or hypnotherapist; these trained professionals can suggest ways to handle the emotions that arise from chronic pain, so feel free to consider this.

Sleep better
One thing that can exacerbate pain is sleep deprivation. Consider sticking to a regular sleeping schedule. While at it, avoid napping during the day, and consult a general practitioner if you have sleep problems. Another thing you can do is prepare your room to create a relaxing ambience and keep your smart devices in your living room. Ensure you eat light and avoid alcohol or caffeine before going to bed.

Connect with friends and family
Your pain shouldn’t push you to break connections with your loved ones. Socialising with friends and family is healthy for pain management. Contact them over the phone if you cannot go out with your loved ones. You can also organise a brunch date with them once in a while. Hanging out with people who make you happy can keep your mind off your condition, so keep this in mind. 

Chronic pain may affect your life’s quality, but you can cope with it with the right steps. Hopefully, these tips will be beneficial. 

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