#TDPGIRLTALK with Elle and Lucie Ferguson

#TDPGIRLTALK with Elle and Lucie Ferguson

Sydney based sisters Elle and Lucie Ferguson are two boss babes who have each created amazing brands that are unique, true to their own personal style and are celebrated all around the world. Elle launched Elle Effect, a result of Elle’s passion for beauty and wellness and her belief that “good things happen to babes who self-tan” in 2016, and Lucie started Baby Anything, creating contemporary jewellery imbued with femininity and timeless style from the coastal beach suburb of Terrigal in 2013. Fast forward to now, these ladies mean business while staying true to their own personal values and style, radiating genuineness and passion in everything they do and fostering online communities that inspire and empower, every day.

Hayley chats to Elle and Lucie for some #TDPGIRLTALK, asking our top 3 questions about their respective ah-mazing brands, what they admire about each other as total boss babes plus what personally empowers them.

Hi Elle and Lucie, congratulations on creating and cultivating your amazing brands! Welcome to #TDPGIRLTALK, let's get straight into it...

We LOVE an inspiring female founder story, how did it all begin for your brand?
For me it was a natural progression, I realised that over the last ten years I had built my personal brand with a strong community. The timing was right to pivot from brand ambassador to brand owner.

Lucie: I was studying a Fine arts degree at Sydney University majoring in Jewellery and Object design and I kept making pieces that met the conceptual brief for the assignments but they were also aesthetically pleasing so I had friends and strangers then asking me to sell them. After making about 20 pieces I decided to google how to open an online store, the only platforms available back then were US based sites so I had to quickly learn how to modify them for the Australian market. I was a very early adopter of Instagram and used it as a porthole for my followers into handmade manufacturing of my pieces, so I formed a loyal, engaged fan base from the brands conception, which I am so grateful for.

What is one thing you admire most about your sister as a total boss babe?
Elle: She is fearless, strong, so very smart and kind.

Lucie: I admire her hard work and determination. She has an amazing ability to make a decision and not doubt herself. She knows her true north and sticks to it. That takes courage and conviction.

"I feel empowered when..."
Elle: I’m covered in Elle Effect tanning mouse and wearing my favourite Babyanything pieces.

Lucie: When I feel confident in myself; at an aesthetic level that is when I am wearing an outfit that shows off an element of my personality and when I have a light layer of Elle Effect on, because I just feel more beautiful. At an intellectual level it is when I re-read something I have written in the past and it resonates with me, I feel like I have a purpose and I am on the right track with sharing that with the world.

Thank you so much for chatting with TDP Elle and Lucie! We love everything your brands represent, your business acumen and how you empower women all around the world.

Get the Elle Effect, shop Babyanthing and follow Elle and Babyanything on Insta for beautiful style inspiration.

Hayley x

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