Women's Health week tips

Women's Health week tips

My name is Lizzy and I've been Personal Trainer for nearly 5 years. I have been doing face to face training but have recently decided to become an online trainer, creating “Healthy Mindset Healthy Life” which focuses not only on your exercise training but also your mindset. I have learnt over time that the mental challenge is harder than the physical challenge. I have had my own struggles over the years and because of that I have learnt and studied mindset and how to focus and stay motivated while working on your goal. I help you train both your mind and body. I believe Training + Mindset + Accountability = Success in reaching your goals. I train people from around Australia and am continually taking on more clients. Here are my tips and things to consider when putting a training program together that will work for you...

Have a good morning routine Having a good morning is critical to your day. A lot of people wake up unmotivated and have anxiety in the morning because of the day ahead. It's important in the morning as soon as your alarm goes off to get out of bed. Don't let your mind think.

Tips to make it easier to wake up in the morning and get moving! Put your workout clothes next to your bed the night before, so once you get up you can put them straight on and don't have to worry about finding them when you wake up.

  • As soon as your alarm goes off you have 3 seconds to get up before your mind starts telling you to stay in bed. As soon as you hear your alarm get out of bed straight away.
  • If you are having trouble with getting up, put your phone on the other side of your room so you have no choice then to get up to turn the alarm off.
  • Put water on your face if you still feel sleepy just to wake yourself up.
  • Think about your goals and how much you want to achieve them
  • While you are doing your workout imagine you achieving your goal.
When looking at your goals you need to ask yourself... What do I want to achieve? Why do I want to achieve it? What person do I need to become to make it happen?

How to stay focused on your goals when you feel like you aren't getting results? You need to remember results will not happen over night, it takes a lot of hard work and consistently to reach those goals no matter what they are, whether it is losing weight, building muscle or training to be an athlete, you need to stay focus on those goals no matter how long its going to take because in 3 months time you will thank yourself for not giving up. Make short term goals also, if its as simple as doing 10 push ups, running 1km etc, don't just look at the long term goal. Short term goals will help you see you are improving and are on your way to the long term goal.

Staying motivated is hard, best thing to do is imagine your goal when you are about to train, realise how much you really want it and go for it. You are going to have days you don't feel like training but you need to program your mind to train and eat healthy. It's not going to happen unless you make it happen.

How to get in a routine? Make yourself accountable, with my clients I always get them to message me when they are training or if they are really struggling I will call them when they are due to workout to make sure they are up and ready to go. If you do not have a trainer to do that you need to do it for yourself, that means keeping yourself accountable. If you need to have a friend that you keep each other accountable or think of your goals when you are about to exercise, find that motivation inside of you. Plan your week in advance, you will make it hard for yourself if you don't mark done when you will be training each day, if its before work, after work, during that day you need to put it in your schedule and stick to it. As soon as you miss your Monday session It will be harder to pick yourself up again on Tuesday. If you Schedule your week on the Sunday, You will know when you are going to train, that's when you pack your bag with workout clothes, that will make it much easier for yourself.

If you are interested in talking all things training and what will work for you, send me through a message on Instagram or email me at HealthyMindsetHealthyLife@outlook.com I would love to hear from you!

Lizzy x

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