Getting the most out of your mornings

Getting the most out of your mornings

Do you struggle in the a.m.? Dread the alarm going off? Hit snooze repeatedly? Then this blog post is for you babe….

I have ALWAYS struggled with early mornings, growing up I can remember making my mum late in the mornings because of my distaste to want to wake up, get out from under the covers and embrace the day (sorry mum!). As an adult, I have learnt not to be so dramatic and well...more smiley, but I definitely still have my moments!

While I don’t bound out of bed like some people, there are a few super simple things I have been trying in my morning routine to embrace the mornings as it really is the best part of the day. If you ARE a morning person, this topic may seem completely irrelevant...but you may still pick up a handy hint to help improve your start to the day and ultimately set the tone for the rest of it!

  1. Move your alarm away from your bedside table: that way you have to get up to turn it off! Once you are out of bed, stay up and get moving!
  2. Do not fall into the ‘scroll’ trap on your phone: If your alarm is on your phone (isn’t everyone’s?) turn it off and put the phone down
  3. Water first (with lemon or apple cider vinegar optional), tea or coffee second: have a big glass of water first thing to rehydrate, then reach for your warm cup of happiness to get things moving
  4. Put on some music: this has made a huge difference to my mood! Pick something light and uplifting
  5. Write your gratitude, to-do list, goals: this helps clear your head, put things into perspective, get some focus for your day and encourage positivity
  6. Work out, yoga or walk: I’m not going to lie - I still really struggle exercising in the morning (have always been an afternoon/evening gal) but I’m really trying to switch it up and incorporate some morning movement
  7. Breakfast: do not skip it! My favourite thing to do is prep my smoothie the night before so it just needs a quick blend and it’s ready to go
  8. Have your outfit ready the night before: super simple but super effective and saves sooo much time
  9. Have your laptop bag organised and ready: searching for your daily essentials is annoying and time consuming, have it ready to rock the night before
  10. Have one day a week to sleep in (Sunday is my fave): then you will really, truly enjoy your sleep in!

Are you a morning person or is the struggle real for you too?!

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Have an amazing Friday!

Hayley x

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