What are the self care trends right now?

What are the self care trends right now?

The self care industry is always evolving and changing, with sustainability, beauty technology and skin treatments becoming more of the standard than specialised. So what are the trends everyone is obsessed with right now? Let's dive in...

Sustainable Beauty

Move aside mass market, polluting beauty products. Today, people are becoming increasingly preoccupied with sustainable beauty or products that don’t harm the planet. Sustainable living is a megatrend that is spreading all over the world. Originally, it came to clothes, but now it is in the beauty space, too. Brands are sourcing ingredients for their products in an environmentally friendly way and eschewing anything that might be toxic or damage ecosystems. You can find branded makeup, lip balm, and hair products from multiple vendors.

Laser Skin Treatments

In the past, peels and facelifts were the go-to interventions if you wanted to improve your appearance dramatically. But now we have laser face treatments. The reason these are popular is that they avoid the downsides of the other options. Nobody is cutting up your face or pouring acid all over your skin. Instead, lasers just target problem areas and then leave the rest of your face alone. There’s no recovery time and most people can return to work the same day.

For the guys

The male grooming industry is also expanding at an unprecedented rate. After the lockdowns, many men became more interested in their personal appearance and what they could do to improve it. The result is an explosion of products, designed to turn the industry into a mass-market player, never before seen in the field of cosmetic history, to put it in a Churchillian way.

A Blurring Of Beauty And Health

Beauty and health were once seen as two separate things. But now there is a movement to view them as similar, if not identical. Part of this is emerging from the trend towards health supplements and the goal of achieving health above beauty. Another aspect of it is coming out of the overall wellness megatrend. Cosmetics brands want to be a part of the story. Instead of covering up imperfections, they are trying to deal with them directly.

Beauty Tech

The paths of beauty and tech don’t often intersect. But it is becoming more common thanks to various innovations. For instance, we’re seeing the emergence of personal trainers for the skin. These are people who coach you on how you make your skin look better over the internet. We’re also seeing a combination of beauty and online games. Here, fashionistas play online in virtual worlds with avatars that can wear different clothes, makeup, and accessories.

Inspiration From The Past

Lastly, in an attempt to anchor the cosmetic industry, many brands are looking to the past for inspiration. They’re trying to include tried-and-tested tropes to make their products more appealing and timeless. And all of this is being amplified by social media with influencers trying new products and yearning for simpler times. For many consumers, just rolling the clock back to the 1990s is a major step forward.


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