Welcoming new team members

Welcoming new team members

After all of the time spent searching for the right candidate and hiring the perfect person, acknowledging the value of onboarding and how essential a warm welcome is really important. Aside from a well put together onboarding process, there are many things that you could be doing to welcome a new person to your team. Ideally, you want them to fit in quickly and produce the work that you expect from them.

Why is the welcoming process essential?

It is very rare for a new employee to be able to walk into the office and know exactly what they need to do. Even those who have a lot of experience will need a beat to get into their stride. The welcoming process should happen long before they even accept the offer. Your hiring process should be welcoming enough with the right people in your process. Keep in mind that many new hires leave within the first 45 days because employers forget it is their first day, no clear direction, and a poor job of onboarding. So, where are a few things that you can do to make sure that your new employees know that you care?

Knowledge and training

Assuming that you have a space for your current team to learn, add cool things, and access training, access should be given to new employees to begin to get a sense of how the process works in your company. It is one thing to discuss them in an interview, but another to do them.


If your new hire will have their own workspace within the office, ensure that the office manager has arranged for the desk to be cleaned and prepared in advance. Ensuring that all devices have been set up by IT and are ready on the desk (or with clear instructions on how to do this). Include any temporary passes, codes and keycards to ensure they have the easiest day possible.

Welcome kit

Google, Apple, Facebook (Meta) and more send out branded kits that are packed with useful items. While not all employees will wear a branded rucksack or a hoodie, these items serve two purposes. A branded welcome kit will make the new employee feel like they are part of the company and the team. Make it personal and add a note or personalise anything that is included. Don't be shy to make the welcome boxes great because it associates a good feeling with your brand and the team from the off.

A mentor

Suppose you have a friendly and relaxed member of the team that doesn't mind the extra responsibilities assign mentors and helpful people to the new person. Why? Because new employees might have a lot of questions, they are unlikely to want to ask managers or bosses so that they don't feel they look incompetent. However, a mentor is there to answer anything they need to know - from where the good coffee is to how to work the printer.

As well as getting great new team members, there are plenty of other things you can do to grow, for more on this check out 4 Cost-Effective Ways To Upgrade Your Business.

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