Turning pain into power with entrepreneur and Slick Hair Company founder, Mia Plecic

Turning pain into power with entrepreneur and Slick Hair Company founder, Mia Plecic

Today I welcome entrepreneur and founder of Slick Hair Company Mia Plecic to the #mymoderncareer interview series. At just 22, Mia started her first company with no business education or knowledge, just an unwavering desire to succeed in business. That company went from zero to a million in six short months, leading Mia to go on to start five more e-commerce companies and living her true passion on a daily basis. A super inspiring and savvy businesswoman and entrepreneur, we are chatting all about the Slick Hair Company journey, and how Mia turned pain into power. Plus, get 10% off storewide with our exclusive discount code!

Hi Mia, I am so thrilled to be chatting to you all about Slick Hair Company, your biz journey, a day in the life right now and plans for 2021. Let's kick it off with what was the inspiration behind creating Slick Hair Company?

I’ve always lived by the motto “turn your pain into power” and that’s exactly what I did with Slick Hair Company. As someone who struggled with the worst baby hairs EVER, I could never find a product that would slick my flyway's down without leaving my hair oily, hard and needing to be washed again.

Tell me more about the Slick Stick (what it does, the benefits and why we need it in our life!)
Call me bias, but it really is the best little tool for creating an effortless slick look! This wand will become your new best friend and can conveniently slip into your handbag to ensure your hair is perfectly slick no matter what your day throws at you.

You have also just launched some super cute apparel...(did someone say pink tracksuit?!). What inspired you to create apparel to compliment the Slick Stick?
Yeah! So cute and very pink! Honestly, I just wanted to create a cute uniform for my staff and when I shared it on Tiktok I had heaps of people wanting a set, so I decided to create an apparel line for our customers to wear!

"I've always lived by the motto - turn your pain into power, and that's exactly what I did with Slick Hair Company"

- Mia Plecic

What is in the works and planned for 2021 for Slick?
We’ve got so much planned for 2021 at Slick Hair Company, it’s very exciting! Yes, we’re launching several new products as well as launching officially in the USA in early April. We’ve also landed a very exciting contract with one of Australia’s biggest retailers where you will soon find the Slick Stick™ on shelves Australia wide! We are also currently stocked in over 200 different stores world wide.

What is the most rewarding thing about owning your own biz?
I get asked this question a lot. I think there’s such a perception of being your own boss. People think it’s all so glamorous but they don’t see the behind the scenes. It’s long hours, sleepless nights thinking and analysing, it’s the pressure and responsibility you wear 24/7. On the up side it definitely has its perks! I get to do what I truly love every single day. Not a word of a lie, every morning I get so excited to go to work and see my team, we have so much fun. I definitely wouldn’t have it any other way, however I know it’s not for everyone. You need to have a thick skin, be resilient and always have your guard up. I’m pretty much a full-time firefighter, putting out fires left right and center.

Can you share a challenge that you have overcome that you think might help others?
I’ve founded several businesses since the start of my business journey back in 2013. One big challenge that I’ve faced a couple of times is issues with partnerships and business partners. It rarely works out. I have learnt that you shouldn’t do business with friends and if you can, start that business solo.

Day in the life for Mia Plecic right now?
I love the balance I’ve created for myself in business. I wake up around 6:30am, take my dog Honey for a walk and get into the office at around 8:30am. We have a lot of fun at our HQ! It never really feels like work! During the day I work with my girls on all things scaling and growth, product development and launches.

Where can we find you on socials, your website and where is the Slick Stick stocked?
I share a lot of my business and life on socials. You can find me on Instagram @miaplecic and @slickhairco & TikTok @miaplecic or @slickhaircompany. Shop our range here and join the #slicksisters! Enjoy 10% off sitewide with code THEDAILYPRETTY at checkout!

Thanks so much for sharing your biz story, knowledge and advice with me Mia, Slick Hair Company is definitely one to watch! (Clicks link to pink tracksuit).

Hayley x

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