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#tdpgirltalk with Emma, founder of Vee Underwear

#girltalk with Emma, founder of Vee Underwear - The Daily Pretty Emma Rutherford-Ward launched her business, Vee Underwear, in November 2018 when she found a gap in the market for gorgeous underwear that doesn't hurt the environment or your lady parts. I bought some Vee Underwear to try for myself and they're so soft and comfy while still making me feel hella cute! I spoke to Emma all about Vee Underwear, all things vagina and their new Valentine's Day campaign. Tell us a bit about your business journey and how you came to make eco and vagina friendly underwear… It all began when I fell into the 75% of women who would experience ‘irritation’ in their lifetime. On the third visit to my local GP, I wasn’t going to take ‘Canesten’ for the answer. My GP suggested a seemingly simple preventative – investing in breathable underwear. To my surprise, this ‘simple task’ quickly became impossible. Breathable underwear that fit comfortably, were earth-friendly and wouldn’t be embarrassing to wear in front of my new man-friend just didn’t exist. After much web-trawling and trying on horrifically unflattering underwear, I found a need in the market for underwear that places vaginal health, comfort and ass-thetics at its core. In my search to find the answer, I clicked across bamboo fabric. I discovered that bamboo fabric is not only breathable but offers numerous additional health benefits due to its natural antibacterial and antifungal properties. Inspired by the possibilities for women’s top-drawers everywhere, I set out to create Vee Underwear. What is the mission behind Vee Underwear? To help women to live happier, healthier day-to-day lives. On your blog, you share tips and products to keep your hoo-ha happy, why do you think it is important to share information like this? It's important to keep health in mind when shopping for products that we put on/in our bodies, as this could affect your overall health, especially in sensitive areas. In saying this, it is often an oversight for many women. I believe that this is partly due to many female health topics being taboo and thus, not being something we openly or comfortable talking about. And if we are not talking about these things on the regular, how can we expect female health to be top of mind when shopping for related products? Our brand is hoping to change the narrative and take the 'boo' out of taboo related topics which is why we are unapologetic in sharing tips and products to keep your hoo-ha happy. Can you give us some insider goss about your new collection coming out in the middle of the year? Oh la la. We are so excited. We'll be introducing two new products this year, one with a bita' cheek (cheeky cut) and one with a bitta' hip hugging (high waisted).

"Our brand is hoping to change the narrative and take the 'boo' out of taboo related topics which is why we are unapologetic in sharing tips and products to keep your hoo-ha happy."

Since Vee Underwear is our February giveaway (coming later this month ladies!), let’s talk Valentine’s day! Tell us a bit about your Valentine's Day campaign giveaway... Valentine’s Day positions being in a relationship as something to celebrate, leaving single ladies feeling boycotted and we're not about that! Being single on Valentine's Day is a vibe worth celebrating and we're going to do just that. Introducing our Valentines Campaign: veedayvibes Whether you’re single, heartbroken or just want to add a little zap to your Valentine’s Day, Vee Underwear’s #veedayvibes giveaway will hit the spot. We're putting together a DIY pamper package giveaway to remind women that they don’t need a date to have a good time this Valentine’s Day or even leave the house for that matter. What is your ideal date night? Anything that is a surprise. I love surprises. It's also very hard to surprise me! Flowers or chocolate? Flowers. I don't need any excuses to eat more chocolate than I already do. What does your Valentine’s Day have install this year? I'll be behind the scenes helping to empower our Vee Tribe to feel positive on Feb 14th regardless of their relationship status. Thanks so much to Emma for taking the time to talk to TDP about Vee Underwear and your Valentine's Day campaign. Your Valentine's initiative is so important, #veedayvibes all the way! Follow their Instagram for all the deets! Kate x
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