TDP #girltalk with makeup artist, Leah Baines

TDP #girltalk with makeup artist, Leah Baines

Leah first stepped foot in the beauty industry back in Auckland NZ, where she studied and graduated as a professional hair and makeup artist on a scholarship. From here she moved to Sydney to pursue her passion and started her own business freelancing. Leah has a passion and skill for enhancing natural beauty. Her unique and natural light-handed style of make-up application has enabled her to build an extensive range of clientele, internationally and locally. Leah has worked on campaigns, magazine covers, TVC, fashion shows, celebrities and her very own masterclasses.

Who doesn't love some girl talk? I spoke with super talented makeup artist Leah about her fave makeup look RN, career highlight and the best thing about 2019 so far.

Hi Leah, thank you so much for joining me for TDP's #girltalk segment! Here are our top GT questions coming at you....

Favorite makeup look right now?

Color! I am obsessing over bright bold fun colors on the eyelids. Brighter the better. Also loving less is more on the skin, fresh bright radiant dewy beautiful skin.

Best 'at home' make up tip/advice for our squad?

My ultimate makeup tip is heating up my eyelash curler with my hair dryer, only for a couple of seconds then curling the lash. The difference is amazing, the lash curls stronger and for longer.

Something people don't know about you/random fact?

Random fun fact, I won my makeup scholarship 17 years ago through Cleo magazine in New Zealand, this is how I came into the industry!

Career highlight and/or client that you have worked with?

Oohh this is a hard one, I honestly feel like I’ve been very lucky and blessed with all the beautiful people I have worked with. I recently did a 3 day campaign for Pretty Little Thing which was super exciting and a career highlight.

Dog or cat person?

Dog! I have a puppy Toy Cavoodle named Cash and I am so obsessed with him and his cuteness.

Coffee or tea?

Coffee, weak and early in the morning is how I like it.

Your go-to outfit or fashion staple for a busy girl boss?

Sneakers! All day, everyday. My faves are my Nikes, Gucci’s and Isabel Marants. Perfect with leather pants and a blazer.

Gym or yoga (or both?)

Yoga and Pilates when I get some me time, I prefer stretchy workouts opposed to high intensity cardio. My husband is a personal trainer you would think I would love the gym but sadly no.

Best thing about 2019 so far?

I got married, woohoo! Best day of my life. Plus all the new clients I have taken on, all the new people I have met and worked with, this year has been incredibly amazing and I am super grateful for where my career is at right now, bring on the rest of the year and what it brings!

Thank you so much for sharing some girl talk with us Leah! To check out this super talented lady's amazing work, follow her on Instagram and check out Leah's website for more! Sydney babes if you are in need of an amazing makeup artist get in touch!

H x

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