Why the Tan Bomb Tan Eraser is a must have to take your tanning ritual to the next level

Why the Tan Bomb Tan Eraser is a must have to take your tanning ritual to the next level

Is self tanning a part of your weekly self care routine? I have been a dedicated self tanner for years, and consider it as one of my top 3 when it comes to self care. It nourishes my skin, encourages me to moisturise and gives me a confidence boost! When it comes to the self tan ritual, preparation is key. The better the canvas (being your skin!) the better the result. When I discovered Australian Made brand Tan Bomb, I had to find out more. I sat down with founder Candace Cronin to chat all things tanning rituals and preparation, business and why the Tan Bomb tan eraser is a must have for your tanning kit!

Hi Candace, welcome and thank you so much for joining me to chat all about your business Tan Bomb. Let's dive straight in, tell me all about the Tan Bomb Tan Eraser...
I'm a huge avid tanner. Always have been since I was 16 years old so I know all too well how annoying it can be to scrub fake tan off with harsh chemical based tan erasers. Tan Bomb is a vegan certified tan eraser bath bomb which was specifically designed to change the way you feel about removing your fake tan. What has often been a painful experience scrubbing your skin is now a relaxing soak in the bath. Hello self care!

Tan Bomb doubles as a fake tanning primer packed with nourishing oils and will leave your skin silky smooth, hydrated and and ready for your next tan application when you are. Tan Bomb is also packed with epsom salts (magnesium) to help relieve tired, achy muscles and boasts natural Australian ingredients that will gently buff off and exfoliate your fake tan after 15 minutes of soaking. We are...

  • Vegan Certified
  • Cruelty Free
  • Natural
  • Australian made and Owned!

Amazing, love it. What are the benefits of using Tan Bomb as a regular part of my beauty and self care routine?
It takes away the bad vibes of having to scrub away your old fake tan and replaces it with #selfcare. What once was an awful experience every Wednesday scrubbing in the shower becomes a luxury self care one that allows you to relax and enjoy the experience. It's super satisifying when your tan soaks off before your eyes (with a little help from our Tan Bomb exfoliating mitt!). Your skin is left silky smooth for days after with nourishing almond oil - I can vouch for that! Our recipe was perfected over a two year period to get it absolutely right. If we don't get the formulation 100% correct every time it can be less effective on the skin so we ensure every batch is tried and tested!

What can I expect when using the Tan Bomb...will it stain my tub?
You can expect a burst of our signature Black Raspberry and Vanilla fragrance from the moment you open the gorgeous packaging and a lilac explosion once it hits the bathtub. The water soon turns to a warm velvety blanket which nourishes your skin but exfoliates at the same time. The bath bomb will not stain the tub however you will see a residue of old fake tan around the top of the waterline. This is when you know it's working well!

Let's chat about your brand. Was there a lightbulb moment and how did it first start?
The tan eraser bath bomb was first conceptulised two years ago and it took a good two years before bringing to market to get the formulation 100% right. Sourcing all the right Australian made ingredients was quite tricky to start and for the product to work at it's best, the quantities need to be 100% accurate. Our brand Tan bomb came together after the light bulb idea. As a teenager, I've always LOVED brands. I remember at school when a teacher asked me the same question everyone gets asked "What do you want to do when you grow up?" and I said I want to work with brands or have my own. I am constantly thinking about branding and ways to make our mark on the consumer. I put together a brand conception deck and I wanted to stick with one product = one everything so the customer could identify that a lilac coloured bath resembles the Tan Bomb Tan Eraser bath. It's so far stuck!

What is your brand mission and purpose and how does this shine through with your products and customer experience?
Our mission is to promote innovation and self-care. No more harsh scrubbing in a rush to remove your worries from the weekend. It's a way to relax, connect, unwind whilst removing your sins. I mean fake tan! When you become a customer, you become a part of the Tan Bomb family. Some days I like to just surprise our customers with extra goodies, so a part from receiving an extra amazing goodie from our monthly collabs with amazing brands we do, you'll also receive a free mitt or an extra bomb in your box. Customer is number one. Always will be! You have taken the time to get to know my brand and have spent your hard earned dollars on my product. I want to give you the full experience and love! We have an amazing new product line on the way that really speaks innovation so we can't wait to bring these to market and show you what we've been working on for the past six months!

If you had to pick one highlight on your business journey so far, what would it be?
The absolute first was seeing our product on the shelf at Universal Stores. I took a photo (featured above) which I always look back at and think....YES! This inspired me to keep doing what I love. The day we were uploaded to Woolworths Everyday Market was another milestone. Seeing our product on such an iconic Aussie marketplace was amazing and of course seeing it instore at a Priceline franchise was a huge highlight. I literally walked into a store on the Gold Coast and showed them my product and they bought a carton on the spot. I'm still having pinch me moments every day! Working with amazing brands in our start up phase is very surreal.

And a challenge that you have learnt from?
We manufacturer all our bath bombs from our warehouse. We are learning but I've learnt the hard way that there will be shortages of ingredients. Over our busiest period we experienced a shortage of bi-carb soda. There was and still is a shortage of Bi-Carbonate Soda in Australia. We had to pay a premium to obtain this vital ingredient for our tan erasers.

Do you have one piece of advice that has helped you along the way and something you also remind yourself of?
Patience, persistence, perseverance. When someone says to me something can't be done or they wouldn't do that or reach out to that person, I always wonder why they would think that way? I have learnt that if you don't do what you love, someone else will. You will know from the market whether or not your product or service works pretty quickly. If you believe in something and work hard you can achieve anything.

What do you have in the works and planned for 2022?
We have some amazing new innovative products coming in the next six months so stay tuned to our Instagram and Tik Tok accounts to keep up to date and also subscribe to our emails list at www.tanbomb.co

Where can we find out more, shop the range and connect on socials?
Shop the range at www.tanbomb.co and if you want to just say hello please email me at candace@tanbomb.com.au You can find us on Instagram @tan_bomb or on Tik Tok @TANBOMB

Thanks so much for joining me Candace and sharing some insight into your brand and your journey so far. Congratulations on an amazing product that is a must have when it comes to self tanning. I can't wait to see what's next! Be sure to check out the range and get your hands on the tan eraser for your next self tan ritual!

Hayley x

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