Social Media self-care vs reality 

Social Media self-care vs reality 

By Guest Contributor Lauren Simicich, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and founder @therapyinfluencer

The recent pandemic has got everyone home and what better thing to do then get sucked into social media holes for hours! For many of us that can go one of two ways: compare ourselves to the filtered “influencers” and mourn all the things we “don’t have”, OR become ambitious about personal growth and purchase all the box subscriptions possible. Unfortunately, both of these will eventually lead us to the same thing - self-loathing. Social media is often influencing something that looks appealing but is unattainable for many people.

Social media “self-care”:

  • Can sometimes be a FAD and what is “in” will change frequently
  • Often geared towards MASSES, not individuals
  • Fosters a relationship with comparison
  • Wants to satisfy others

Actual self-care is not just physical (face masks and a jade roller). Self-care is the “inner-work” you do to cultivate a stronger sense of self. This means following what feels GOOD and right to you and aligning your behaviors with that. Setting assertive boundaries around your time and space can be a great start in taking care of your emotional needs.

Emotional self-care:

  • Ongoing and a lifestyle
  • Personally centered around your needs/desires
  • Fosters a relationship with self-compassion and kindness
  • Utilized to embrace self-connection

If you are feeling disconnected, often comparing yourself and never feel “good-enough”, you may be struggling with the social media self-care blues! Beginning a journey of working on yourself from the inside out can be monumental in how you feel physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Some things you can do for yourself:

  • Follow more mental health (professional) accounts that promote emotional hygiene
  • Reach out to a therapist or other licensed professional (a therapist can be an amazing guide to get you more connected)
  • Identify people/places/things that are DRAINING your energy and remove yourself
  • Begin saying no to things that do not serve you and YES to what feels good
  • Make time to get quiet, rest and detox from social media

Remind yourself that YOU are your best teacher. You know yourself better than anyone else. Listening to yourself and re-aligning your behaviors to meet your needs - not as easy to do, but so worth it!

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