Personal Development on your radar? We got you GF!

Personal Development on your radar? We got you GF!

Hi there squad! Happy New Year, I hope you are enjoying the first couple of days of a brand new year. It's time to start thinking about the year, setting our intentions, priorities, the direction we want to go in and what we want to manifest and cultivate. It also is the opportunity to think about how you want to show up for YOU and that means (drum roll please) Personal Development. I personally, LOVE Personal Development and improvement and at the start of a new year I like to sit down and plan what I want to attract, achieve and what is important to me day to day.

It can be easy to get super overwhelmed with it comes to Personal Development - there are a lot of resources out there and finding what is right for you (from a reputable source) can be time consuming and expensive. I am excited to let you know we have partnered with The Bundle Co. to bring you a brand new Self-Improvement bundle and it is insaaaaaane! I would have to say the best bundle yet in terms of value for money. I have completed two previous bundles - Entrepreneurship and Business, and they have been instrumental to the growth of both The Daily Pretty, Be the Girl Podcast and also in my career. I still reference them now (you get lifetime access, you just need to make sure you register in each course before 12 months from purchasing your bundle). The bundle has 75 e-courses (yes - insane value right! Which would have added up to $13.129,45 USD if bought separately) and because 2020 was a tough year for many the whole bundle is just $75.90 USD. This is to ensure it is affordable and Personal Development can still be a priority in 2021!

What is it all about you ask...As I mentioned, the theme is self improvement, so it covers a wide range of topics that will help you in every possible way. It has courses on manifesting, achieving your goals, finance, career, business, productivity, self-awareness, self-love, self-confidence, self-care, healthy living, nutrition, mindful eating, meditation and mindfulness, sustainability, natural beauty, relationships, and much, much more.

You can read more about it here and you can see a spreadsheet with every course it includes here.

Seriously, this is the best bundle ever! I have started working through it already and cannot recommend it enough ladies. It is available at this price for one week only so don't miss out!


Happy New Year and cheers to your happier, healthier and most successful year yet. I can't wait for you to explore this amazing resource and take inspired action with all the knowledge you'll gain from the courses in this bundle.

Thank you for your continued support and I am so excited for what's planned this year for both The Daily Pretty and Be the Girl Podcast.

Hayley x

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