How to level up your at home skin care to get that "No Filter Skin" glow

How to level up your at home skin care to get that "No Filter Skin" glow

Today on I chat with Evangelia, founder of No Filter Skin, all about how their beautiful range of skin care tools that include Dermablades, LED Light Therapy Masks and the amazing Cleansing Glow Brush are helping women feel more confident in their skin and how to get that No Filter Skin glow at home!

Hello Evangelia, welcome to! Thank you for joining me to talk all about your beautiful brand No Filter Skin and how to level up our skin care routine at home. Let's start with how was your brand name "No Filter Skin" created?
I wanted to create a name that is directly related to my skincare, and I especially wanted women to feel comfortable in their own skin. That’s exactly how NO FILTER came about!

When did you launch and was there a lightbulb moment or sliding doors moment that led you to create your brand?
Creating the brand was literally months in the works. Months of hard work, sleepless nights and dedication. One word of advice for creating a brand is never give up, keep going! Even if you fail first, its all a learning process. Sometimes you have to fail to learn from your mistakes. Fixing those mistakes to then be able to learn and grow, that is when we see the benefit and why it is all so worth it.

Tell me about your brand's mission, purpose and values?
No Filter Skins mission is to bring our brand to life by achieving 'a no filter skin'. It is all about investing in the right products that actually work. We have also created products for all skin types and concerns, so there is something that is suitable for everyone. We call it 'SKIN-VEST-MENT'.

Let's chat about your product range, starting with your 3 hero products. What they are, what they do, how they work?
Our three hero products include our Quench Serum, Cleansing Glow Brush and Dermaplaning Blades.

1. Let's Get Quenchy Quench Serum: Quench is a serum that will instantly plump and hydrate your skin with active Hyaluronic Acid. Infusing all the layers of the skin with rejuvenating moisture and repairing the skin from water loss, and increasing levels of Hyaluronic Acid in the skin. Quench is an anti-aging and brightening serum that will not only deliver immediate results but long-term hydration into the skin. Quench is perfect for fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, dehydration, dry, oily or combination skin. It is also light weight but intense, and will leave you feeling younger, firmer and with that No Filter effect. Think hydrated skin, quenching for more.

2. Cleansing Glow Brush: So let’s get deep down and personal into your pores giving them the ultimate cleanse with our No Filter Cleansing Brush, perfect for your everyday, busy lifestyle. Gentle silicone bristles penetrating deep into the pores to ensure all of your impurities, dirt and debris is gone. Gently exfoliates, removing dirt, makeup and dead skin cells. Designed with a pointed tip to allow tricky areas like your nose easy to get around.

3. Dermaplaning Blades: Say no to Peach Fuzz with our Dermaplaning at home blades! Effectively removing peach fuzz, unwanted facial hairs and dead skin. Dermaplaining provides an effective and safe exfoliation treatment that promotes deeper product penetration as well as flawless effect with makeup application.

There is also a LED Light Therapy Mask in your range. For anyone who hasn't used one before, why are they a must have addition to our skincare and self care routine?
Our LED Facial Mask is literally taking your skincare regime to the next level! The perfect skin care routine addition for a spa treatment - but in in the comfort of your own home. The 3 different LED light options have various benefits, resulting in an overall improvement in your skin in just 10 minutes a day.

Next topic: dermaplaning. This is a huge beauty trend right now but can be a bit overwhelming for those of us who are new to it! Talk me through why we need to do it and the benefits plus how your amazing Dermablades work?
Throw out that razor - Dermaplaning is an all rounder treatment removing peach fuzz hairs that trap dirt and oils, dead skin cells and providing deeper product penetration promoting smoother, healthier, glowing skin. You can use your No filter blades 2-5 times per blade. Simply clean with an alcohol wipe and run under warm water, and don’t forget to place the protective cap on. Dermaplaning provides a deeper exfoliation to the skin than shaving at home. It is cost effective and can be added to your at home skincare regime leaving your skin radiant and refreshed post dermaplaning!

What is the number 1 thing we should prioritise when it comes to our skincare routine?
Definitely removing your makeup and cleansing your skin. Always start with cleansing as your first step to remove any dirt and buildup underneath your skin. It's important to make your skincare routine a part of what you do everyday and look after and invest in your skin.

Is there anything exciting in the works and what is next for your brand?
There is so much happening at the No Filter Skin head quarters! All we can say is that there is so much coming, from skin tools to skincare. Stay tuned!

Thank you so much for sharing your brand mission with us and helping women to feel confident in their 'no filter' skin. I can't wait to try the range and share with our TDP community.

Hayley x

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