Is the crop top empowering?

Is the crop top empowering?

When crop tops made an apparition in the 80s, they were part of the aerobics craze outfit. Movies such as Flashdance helped popularize the cut-off top to a broad audience. Yet it wasn't the first occurrence of the midriff top. It was first spotted in performances in the last 19th century before gaining prominence during the 1930s and 1940s. The sexual revolution of the 1960s revived the crop top once more. But women would have to wait until the early 2020s to finally embrace the ever-controversial fashion item as an empowering tool. The crop top has been through many controversies, appearing as an indecent item and accused of sexualizing the women who chose to wear it. But nowadays, the crop top is a feminist's best weapon for self-empowerment.

Any body size or shape can pull off a crop top. As women embrace the crop top, they also recognize the importance of a strong core. Not just to show off their outfit but also in everyday life. The crop top is a reminder that your core strength is a priority. From maintaining your posture to keeping a strong back, your core muscles enhance balance, stability, and back protection. So, of course, they deserve all the attention the crop top gives them! Your journey to a stronger core begins with the desire to wear crop tops and can continue with focused nutrition and workout.

Crop tops encourage you to care about gut health

For many fashionistas, the crop top marks the beginning of a long and informative gut health journey. Learning more about which food is good for you and which to avoid. s women learn more about their gut health, they also begin to explore how mental health and daily routines can also affect gut health:

  • Stress can lead to bloating
  • Not drinking enough water can lead to constipation and water retention, which show in your midriff area
  • Sleep deprivation also impacts gut health, leading to bloating, inflammation, and stomach pains.

Crop tops empower self-love

Crop tops act as the biggest boost in self-confidence and self-esteem a person can get from fashion. Indeed, because cut-off tops make you feel good about yourself and generally gorgeous, women are more likely to focus on self-love routines, such as getting gold navel rings! Crop tops make you feel bold and beautiful, and it's a wonderful feeling to have. So, of course, you want to look after your body and enhance the features you love.

The idea that crop tops are a teen fashion outfit needs to disappear. There is more to crop tops than meets the eye. The item can replace the infamous diamonds as a girl's best friend. Crop tops have the advantage of being affordable, unlike diamonds. Besides, they also fuel a healthy routine and self-love behavior. What's not to enjoy about those empowering midriff tops?


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