Is it time for a wardrobe refresh?

Is it time for a wardrobe refresh?

Keeping your wardrobe current and fresh makes your day to day routine so much easier. A wardrobe refresh doesn't always necessarily mean new pieces, but rather going through what you do have, creating your capsule wardrobe then adding in seasonal and on-trend pieces for a fun update. You really deserve to feel fantastic about the clothing that you have to wear every day, and even if it isn't necessary to overpay or make an investment in designer things, you deserve to feel great about the clothes that you have to wear every day! Let's dive further into six signs you are ready for a wardrobe refresh.

Your Wardrobe Is Full But It Still Takes 30 Minutes To Find Something To Wear

You can make whatever adjustments to the time you need to make here, but getting dressed shouldn't take you a very long time at all. Instead, you should ensure that your closet contains sufficient pieces of clothing that you adore wearing and that make you feel at ease to make getting dressed an effortless task. It's one thing to struggle because you can't make up your mind, but it's quite another to do so because you don't have very many clothes. If you find that you can never find anything to wear but it looks like you have loads of options, it may be time to think about having a clear-out. Get rid of anything you haven’t worn the last season gone and refresh it with new pieces from places such as an Online Fashion Outlet.

Top Tip: If you haven’t worn your coat from last year and have bought a new one, it's time to donate. It will only take up valuable space.

The Core Wardrobe Is Missing More Than Five Essential Things

Things are always shifting as we go about our daily lives, and that includes the amount of weight that we carry. And after the year that we've had, it's quite understandable if the way your clothes fit has changed a little bit. But if your go-to pieces, like jeans, button-down shirts, and your favourite little black dress, no longer feel comfortable, give yourself the room and grace to invest in things that meet you where you are today. Think of jeans, button-down shirts, and your favourite little black dress.

It’s Been Longer Than A Year Since You Went To An Actual Shop

A lot can happen in a year, but if two years have passed and your wardrobe hasn't changed at all, it's probably time to update it with some new pieces. It is a good idea to give oneself a tiny upgrade every year, whether it be a new pair of classic jeans or shoes that are on trend but timeless. You can even replace objects that are broken by giving or selling the ones that are no longer useful. One of the best things you can do when refreshing your wardrobe is to try items on in-store.

You Have Damaged Clothing You Still Wear

We're talking about damage like holes, tears, permanent stains, and anything else that renders your clothing unwearable in any other way. You should fix what you can (a reliable dry cleaner or tailor might be able to assist in some cases), but anything that has been irreversibly ruined should be discarded as soon as possible and replaced with a more modern option.

Your Choice Of Clothing Does Not Motivate You

It's possible to get tired of your wardrobe. When we think about it, there is a great deal of self-expression that goes into how we dress; consequently, a lack of interest in what you have can frequently be a sign of how you generally feel about life. You may add some extra oomph to your appearance by including a few pieces that are both fun and useful, such as a vibrant top with Breton stripes or snakeskin boots.

Your Wardrobe Does Not Reflect The Significant Changes In Your Lifestyle

Becoming a mother, changing careers, undergoing a personal overhaul, and working from home full time are all life events that require a different approach to clothing. This could mean investing in tops that are appropriate for breastfeeding or getting rid of power suits that you no longer have a reason to wear. If you discover that your closet does not reflect the era that you are in now, it may be time to take inventory of your clothing and save just the pieces that still work for the person that you have become.

All these signs are clear signs that you need to have a wardrobe refresh. What do you think? Is it time to go shopping?


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