How the need for some Me Time inspired this Austalian lifestyle brand

IMG_2007 We all need some me time, am I right? Sue Brabender knows this as well as anyone, and needing to take a break from long, hectic hours at the sportswear company she worked for led to her launching Me Time, Just for Me – a lifestyle brand encouraging and supporting women to take time out for themselves and to feel comfortable (and a little bit special) while doing just that! Me Time’s range includes t-shirts, tanks and long sleeve tees, hoody’s plus gift boxes, drawstring backpacks and candles. Looking to expand the range into training tights and leisure pants coming soon this lifestyle brand is not slowing down anytime soon, but exists to help their customers do just that in their everyday lives. We spoke with founder Sue, all about the brands values, biggest business challenge so far and the Me Time creative design process.

Hi Sue, we love your brand and what is stands for, so lets get straight into the deets on Me Time, Just for Me….

What are you brands values? My brand values are to provide good quality apparel & product, that I would & do wear and use. This is to encourage all women to stop, take a breath and have some Me Time.

How do you seek to help women through your range? The Me Time brand has become a talking point for people. It is noticeable, and a lot of people say “I wish!” Through the range, I am connecting with like-minded women in business and I am evolving into providing resources for women to have some Me Time.

What has been your biggest business challenge so far and how did you overcome it? The biggest challenge is knowing where to go to have product manufactured and also the finances to do everything I want to do. I have to do one thing at a time & reinvest all income to move onto the next thing.

"Through the range, I am connecting with like-minded women in business and I am evolving into providing resources for women to have some Me Time."
What has been the most rewarding experience with Me Time? I love it when I see people wearing my brand and commenting on how much they love it. This journey has actually forced me to make sure that I am authentic and live what I preach, therefore I am looking after myself. Picking up my first order from the printers…I cried! I feel so rewarded when people tell me they love the name and ask about where I got my t-shirt or hoody from. When our awesome on-line community of ladies comment on my posts and let me know that they love my honesty and are totally resonating with what I am saying, that is one of the best rewards of all. What’s the best piece of advice you have been given? I have always worked hard for other people, I am smart and capable – so it’s time to do so for myself! What’s next for the Me Time range I am working towards extending the range into drink bottles, wine cups, and journals. Anything to do with having some “me time”! Thank you so much Sue for sharing the inspiration behind your business with us! We love what you do and are totally on board with a balanced lifestyle and making Me Time a priority! To shop the range head to the website, and follow on Insta for all the latest updates and #metime inspo! H x
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