Girl Empire: Taking Your Side Hustle To The Next Level

Girl Empire: Taking Your Side Hustle To The Next Level

Amazing news; you’ve already taken the hardest step and started a side hustle. Gone are the days of questioning your choice to run an independent business; if you’re here, then you’re ready to take things to new heights. The last two years have seen a huge increase in people realising that they want something more from their working life, and many are flat-out refusing to head back into the office to a career that doesnt fill their cup. Individuals got the chance to share their business skills and creative talents more often, and like you, began to hustle and bring in some extra cash because of that. Well, it’s never 'not the right time' to take all that hard work, talent, and effort to new heights. If you believe in what you do and create for your customers and clients; there’s no reason not to give your side hustle an extra boost so that working for your own brand full-time can become a reality. Imagine heading into the new year, full of excitement about running a small independent business, and who knows where that might lead as the founder! The following are some ideas and inspiration for those running a side hustle they adore, and who want to take steps to take it into a full-time dream business.

Shout Loudly

You’ve probably already got your social media platforms set up and ready to go, and even your website. However, are you being loud enough when it comes to your marketing and reaching your target audience? You’ve got to take all that confidence that you have in your business, products, and service, and start shouting about why people should take notice. Take some extra time out to invest in your marketing throughout your online presence, check out companies like Active Mail to bring something physical to those you want to attract, you could even think about sending out some PR packages to those you know would get the right attention. Investing in your marketing is the best way to provide your side hustle with growth.

Target Wisely

Moving smoothly into that target audience discussed earlier; it’s all about ensuring that your products or services are reaching them and that they can have a good look at what you do, regularly. Therefore, check out the free analytic tools on your social media, to ensure you post content at the right times. Think about printed marketing items and put them where your ideal customers hang out. Provide incentives they’d appreciate, at the right time of year so that they begin to invest in you and your business. And, make sure you provide the best customer service you can; word of mouth is probably one of the most valuable (or destructive) things for a fledgling business.

Enjoy Freely

Without trying to sound too “woo”; the joy you get from what you do will shine through into what you create and provide. Therefore, make sure that on the whole, you’re loving it; from ideas and processes to the finished results and customer satisfaction. Every element will have challenges along the way, but if your side hustle really is a passion, your target market will feel it and your business can thrive.



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