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Imagine deciding to change your career path just one month before achieving a goal you have been working towards for five years, that you had always thought you would do and where you wanted to be. That's exactly what successful Brisbane-based social media influencer and business woman Georgie Stevenson did earlier this year! Being so unquestionably passionate about health and fitness meant that Georgie craved a deeper understanding than your average fit-fluencer, which has now led her to pursuing her dream of becoming a qualified health coach.

Find out more about the journey that led to this empowering decision and what is install for this powerhouse health and fitness entrepreneur in 2019. Prepare to be inspired!

Tell us more about your career journey so far, your experience completing your law degree and how your passion for health and fitness tied into that journey? I always thought I would become a lawyer! Ever since I was in high school, if someone would ask me what else I wanted to do other than law, I would have said nothing! It wasn't until I started diving into my health and fitness journey and documenting it through social media did I realise that I had a HUGE passion for helping other people who have struggled with the same things I went through. To be honest, I chose to study and practice in law because I was driven by the money, and I had always lived under the impression that I was supposed to choose a career that would provide for my life, rather than following a passion. So after working in law, I realised just how much I was missing out on by ignoring my passion.

What did you learn both professionally and personally through this and your graduate position? I learned how to best portray myself professionally (meaning I have grown to be confident in my ability!) and how to be extremely disciplined with work and scheduling. I learnt how to be resourceful and go that extra mile whenever I can!

How did you effectively manage your time while studying, working part-time and pursuing your health and fitness goals all while maintaining a successful online presence and following? First things first, I made lists (I love lists!) and I scheduled everything I planned to achieve throughout the day. By seeing my day mapped out on paper, it suddenly became much more manageable! Secondly, I rarely take weekends off especially when I was still working as a lawyer, but that was my own personal choice and I don't mind it at all. After all, if you are passionate about something then you will make time to do it!


“As someone who was developing such an intense passion about transforming my lifestyle, it didn’t take long before I decided to commit to taking my health and fitness blogging just as seriously as my law degree. I realised just how much I was missing out on by ignoring my passion".

2018 has been a huge year for you!

You achieved the milestone of being admitted as a lawyer earlier this year and then made the life changing decision to to follow your true passion to help others through health and fitness as your chosen career path. Talk us through that decision and how empowering that was? So, I only decided I was going to follow a different career path one month before being admitted as a lawyer! It was very difficult because for so long I felt a level of guilt about "wasting" my degree - something that I studied for five years! And it was difficult because I wasn't going with the "safe" option either. I really had no idea how my life would be panning out the way it is (thank goodness), but I still took a very big risk! Essentially, all I could remember was thinking how much I missed my 'hobby' of health and fitness while I was working, but knowing that I was admitted as a lawyer definitely made the decision a little easier because I know I can always go back to law!

Congratulations on recently releasing your e-book! What was your inspiration for creating "Find Your Healthy: Beginners Guide to Intuitive Eating + Healthy Living Recipes"? Thank you! My inspiration for creating Find Your Healthy was because I felt like the fitness industry was lacking a "health without obsession" message! As someone who has taken health and fitness to extremes myself, I know just how damaging it can be, so I really wanted to create something that could genuinely help people ditch their diet mentality and repair their relationships with food! I really do believe that it is not healthy or sustainable to jump from one diet to the next, or become restrictive like most of us tend to do. Find Your Healthy is about learning how to tune into your own body's intuition and biofeedback so that you can find YOUR healthy, which you will ultimately be able to sustain for the rest of your life.

What advice do you have for entrepreneurial women who are following their dreams, reaching their goals and achieving amazing things from your experiences and life lessons? Just keep going, no matter how hard or impossible it may seem like now! Through the entire process of creating my eBook, I didn't let myself have any doubt that it wouldn't be exactly everything that I wanted it to be, so I did what needed to be done! My biggest piece of advice is to stop worrying about everyone else. Stay in your own lane and tune out the people who doubt you! If you want it bad enough, nothing can stop you from following your dreams and achieving all your goals.

"Find Your Healthy is about learning how to tune into your own body's intuition and biofeedback so that you can find YOUR healthy, which you will ultimately be able to sustain for the rest of your life".

Plans and goals for 2019? I just hope that I can continue to grow! I will continue to spread my important "health without obsession" message wherever I can too. I do also have a BIG secret project that I am currently working on - so keep up with my Insta to find out soon!

I feel lucky that I get to share my passion with the world whilst helping people at the same time. Thank you so much Georgie for sharing your story and experience on what it takes to truly follow your passion and listen to your own intuition. Your honesty and sincerity can be felt in everything that you do, and so many women benefit from your wealth of knowledge and experience and positivity on a daily basis. Georgie aims to inspire young females across the world to listen to their own intuition when it comes to health, be as transparent about her own journey as possible, and to educate her online community on safe and smart health practises. Connect with Georgie on Instagram and subscribe to her You Tube channel to stay up to date. We can't wait to find out what is next! TDP xo
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