Daily Routine: 2 things I implemented during my transformational year

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The power of positive mindset... The second half of 2017 and through 2018 was a transformational time for me both personally and in my career. While I had always known the power of mindset, I really didn't start to truly understand it, how it was affecting me and how to best harness both the positive AND negative experiences, how to learn from them and ultimately grow! Once I did, it was a complete light bulb moment and it continues to work wonders for me. It took time, finding what was right and worked for me and believe it or not - practice. I started practising gratitude and mindfulness in a more 'official' way and committed to a gratitude journal and a daily mindfulness time-out (even if it is just 5 minutes). I really want to share with you how these two simple but really effective things can make a huge impact in our busy, modern lifestyles and the true value of living in the moment more! Read more for the gratitude wrap gals! Gratitude: the practice of appreciating what is good, what you have in your life right now that you appreciate & makes you feel happy (the warm & fuzzies!). I write in a gratitude journal and also have a daily planner that incorporates a gratitude section. The value of writing things down is real! When I first started, I used a blank notebook (a spare one I found in my office) and kept it a super simple morning ritual: what am I grateful for today. So acknowledgement is the starting point. From there, I began to take what I had acknowledged and use it (or 'harness' it) to set the tone for my day, to motivate me and to foster a positive mindset.

The second part is to wrap up your day (tip: keep your journal beside your bed so it is the first thing you do in the morning and last thing at night - instead of scrolling!). Reflect on what was amazing about your day and a word, thought or feeling that you go to bed with. Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of the pretty list (3)

Apart from benefits like improving productivity, motivation, improving self-esteem and self-worth, celebrating achievements and accomplishments but also learning from your mistakes, helping to manage anxiety and de-cluttering our minds of negative thoughts feeling grateful is something that everyone should experience daily. The saying 'remember when you wanted what you now have' really resonates with me and what practicing gratitude means. I also love flicking back through my journal and reading particular days that are memorable or were a bit tough and how gratitude had my back and got me through! It's all about that personal reflection and growth.

So, I'm putting a gratitude challenge out there babes: let's share how we practice next week, the benefits and how it changes your mindset. Newbie? Amazing - let's start and learn together! Long time gratitude-practicier? Perfect - I cannot wait to hear your experiences! I'll be sharing mine all next week on TDP's Instagram! #tdpsquad

More on practising mindfulness to come!

Have an amazing Saturday GF's.

Hayley x

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