5 HVAC Accessories to Consider Buying

5 HVAC Accessories to Consider Buying

Buying HVAC accessories can ensure you get the most out of heating and air. Learn about some of the most popular accessories here!

HVAC repair is the most common reason to call your AC service provider, but have you considered calling about an upgrade to your unit? There are add ons that can benefit your home and improve your standard of living. AC units don't just heat and cool; they can offer other advantages. The next time you call for an ac repair, ask your technician about available HVAC accessories. Read to discover the top devices you should consider adding to your unit.

Smart Thermostat

Bring your AC into the digital age with a smart thermostat. This handy accessory allows control of the unit from your phone; the freedom afforded by the device is the real appeal. WiFi allows you to adjust the temperature at any time, unlike programmable thermostats that only allow pre-determined times. If your routine changes, the smart thermostat empowers you to adapt your heating and cooling needs to match. Tracking the unit's behavior on your phone also means you'll know if there's a malfunction or if the unit is running more than you prefer. This makes smart thermostats great for rental or vacation properties.

UV Air Cleaner

Reduce bacteria, mildew, and other germs with a UV light. UV light hinders bacteria growth and helps eliminate airborne allergens and pollutants that enter through the ductwork. A UV germicidal light that works with your blower motor can be installed in your duct. As air circulates through the ducts, it passes through the UV light's rays. For asthma, breathing issues, or a high number of colds in your home, a UV light could be a solution for lessening symptoms.


If you live in your home seasonally or spend extended time away, consider a dehumidistat. It's a device that communicates with your system's thermostat to save energy and keep your home safe from high humidity combined with high temperatures. High temperature plus high humidity can result in mold and other damage to your home. Without a dehumidistat, the only way to keep the humidity and temperature regulated is to run the air conditioner, costing money and wasting energy. The dehumidistat communicates to your AC thermostat to turn on and regulate the temperature as needed. You'll only use the necessary energy to balance temperature and humidity and protect your home while away.


In the same way that too much humidity can be harmful, not enough moisture can also be damaging. During cooler months, air is considerably drier, and your home and your health can experience adverse effects. Dry air can damage wood and fragile items like antiques. People are also susceptible to the effects. Cracked skin, dry lips, and even nose bleeds are responsible for continual exposure to dry air. The humidifier regulates the amount of moisture in the air. Balancing humidity can also help with energy levels during the winter as moist air tends to feel warmer.

Fragrance Diffuser

Treat yourself to a unique sensory experience powered by your HVAC system. Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of essential oils and the delightful fragrance they produce. A diffuser with AromaTech Scent will elevate the atmosphere in your home through nebulizing scent technology. Unlike reed, ultrasonic, or candle diffusers, nebulizing the oil turns it into a fine mist that won't dilute its potency; you'll enjoy the full effects of the oil. The fragrance diffuser unit connects to your air duct. You can program the diffuser for the hours you want it to operate, and as the air conditioning unit blows, oil-infused air will circulate through your home. A fragrance diffuser creates a safe, low-maintenance way to add a pleasing scent to your home.

Upgrade Your Air with HVAC Accessories

Request one of these HVAC accessories be included in a new AC installation or ask your AC service company about adding one to the existing heating and air system. Each is cost-effective, convenient, and benefits your home and family. Whether you want to save energy, improve your health, or enjoy the added ambiance, there is an HVAC accessory for you. We've got more ideas and tips for improving your standard of living! Browse our editorial section today.

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