4 ways to embrace independence

4 ways to embrace independence

When you’re independent, you’re able to take care of yourself emotionally, physically and financially. This increases happiness, promotes a sense of strong self worth, gives you a sense of purpose and stability. Here are 4 things to focus on to thrive!

Become financially secure

Being able to support yourself financially gives you so much freedom and independence. Having the ability to earn and manage your own money is really worthwhile, so it’s something to work towards from a young age if you can. While this won’t happen overnight, by focusing on your career and working your way up you’ll enjoy the fruits of your labour later on. You might choose to start with education, get into an entry level position and work your way up the career ladder. You might choose to go straight into a job, and undertake training as you work in order to progress. Alternatively, you might go down the self employment route- establishing yourself this way, or setting up your own business. It might feel overwhelming having to think about things like tax, marketing and insurance in the early days of creating a business. But if you start small and let it snowball and grow organically, you can take it all one step at a time- finding the right companies to work alongside will help too. Take Melbourne Insurance Brokers for example, they use a tailored approach to ensure you’re getting the right cover for you. Whatever direction you choose to go in, aiming to become financially independent and earn enough money to fund your lifestyle is always going to be a good thing.

Improve your skills

When you have useful life skills, you’re able to be much more independent. By reading books, taking courses and generally focusing on yourself you can learn everything from creative to critical thinking, self awareness and decision making skills. These are all skills that many people get into adulthood without and then find themselves struggling. When you know what you’re capable of, you’re able to navigate situations far better. Keeping your professional skills up to date is a worthwhile effort too, it gives you the ability to apply for that promotion, change careers if needed or keep on top of your business too.

Explore hobbies and do things you love

Being strong, independent and happy isn’t all about work and money- far from it. It’s about knowing yourself and who you are, and a part of that is having passions and a love of different things. Find out what you enjoy doing by experimenting with different hobbies and activities. From creative crafts like art, pottery or music to sports to activities like travel. Be open minded and be willing to give new things a go- sign up to classes, see what activities are on in your local area. Invest time and energy into doing things that you genuinely enjoy, these help you to become a well rounded individual and take control of your work-life balance. Wherever possible, do things with friends and enjoy the social element of hobbies and activities as well. Being independent doesn't mean doing everything alone! It means understanding yourself and having a good grasp of who you are. And having the ability to do what you want or need, whether that’s alone or with others.

Improve your confidence

Confidence will really take you places. Physically, having confidence is helpful as you’ll find you won’t shy away from situations when you’re secure about how you look. This isn't about vanity but about being comfortable in your own skin. Invest the time and money you need into your appearance, find your sense of fashion and style and dress in a way that makes you feel like your authentic self. Improving your confidence mentally through building skills and doing all of the above will mean you’re secure in your abilities and able to stand tall in any situation.


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