4 ways to bring confidence to your next date

4 ways to bring confidence to your next date

Are you someone who isn't naturally confident and is more introverted than extroverted? Or, maybe you are someone who is fine in most situations, but when it comes to dating, you are a bundle of nerves? This is completely normal, the dating world can be tricky! There are ways that you can boost your confidence, help yourself relax and allow your true, beautiful personality shine through. Let's dive in!

Initiate the date - If you feel comfortable and it is right for you, then initiating the date is a great way to show your confidence. If you have been talking to someone for quite some time now, yet you seem to be stuck in a bit of a lull because neither of you has asked each other on a date yet, be the one to do it! If you are the one to initiate the date, it show your are confident, comfortable and want to enjoy their company.

Wear something that makes you feel comfortable - One of the worst things you can do on a date is wear something you are not comfortable in. Don't spend the whole time worrying about what you are wearing! If you feel comfortable in your clothes and shoes, you will feel more confident.

Stay calm - In order to be confident, you need to be calm, whether on a one-on-one, speed dating, or going to a singles event. If you are the sort of person that works yourself up into a frenzy when you are nervous, you need to find an effective method for dealing with these nerves. Dating anxiety can impact us all, but you can deal with it. Take some time to relax before your date. If you are rushing around at the last moment and you do not give yourself enough time to get ready, you are only going to stress yourself out. Instead, make sure you have plenty of time to get ready and chill out before your date. You should also practice deep breathing too. Why not listen to some relaxing music? This should help you to unwind and relax, ensuring you are in the zone for your date and that you do not feel nervous.

Remember, your date is human too - While you are busy getting yourself stressed out, it can be easy to forget that your date is human too. They are not perfect and most likely will be experiencing the emotions that you are too! While you are so busy stressing about your own nerves, it can be easy to forget that your date probably feels nervous as well. Why not take the burden off yourself and help make the other person relax? This has a two-way effect. Not only will it help to divert the focus away from how you are feeling, but it will ensure you feel a lot more confident and calm too. You should be aware of the words that you use when you are trying to make the other person feel comfortable, as they can have a big effect. Instead, keep things as positive and enjoy your time together.

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