15 signs you’re an OVERACHIEVER...and how you can be a 'High Achiever' instead

15 signs you’re an OVERACHIEVER...and how you can be a 'High Achiever' instead

Hi beautiful people! My name is Mikeely and I am the Founder, Health and Nutrition Coach of Gen 5 Health and Wellness, a holistic health service helping busy women and female athletes find balance, beat burn out and excel in sport and life. As a past athlete and recovered ‘overachiever’, I am skipping proof (because why walk when you can skip 😉) that there is a better way to channel your strong determination and work ethic. But first, you need to recognise the signs...

Here are 15 signs that you’re an ‘overachiever’:

  1. You have a need for CONTROL over everything in your life, yet you feel as if you never quite have it.

  2. You hate CHANGE but love routine & structure.

  3. You’re a PERFECTIONIST - it never feels like you have done enough and you procrastinate until you feel absolutely ready.

  4. You never have TIME for yourself, but you give your all to everyone else.

  5. You find it hard to be fully INVESTED in your friends/family’s lives because you’re so invested in your own.

  6. You feel guilty ALL THE TIME. Guilty that you’re not a better friend or daughter, guilty that you don’t deserve your accolades, guilty for the money & time people spend on you, guilty for taking a break…(the list goes on).

  7. You have your finger in EVERY pot. 5 sports at once? No biggie. Leadership role? Sign me up. Extra-curricular? I can handle it.

  8. You can’t say NO. And on the rare occasion you do, you fear people will think you’re lazy, selfish or incapable.

  9. You feel like most days you’re running on a HAMSTER WHEEL. Round and round with no idea how to get off. If you’re lucky, a holiday or break is the only time you can slow down.

  10. You sometimes imagine yourself getting injured or sick JUST to have a break without saying you need one.

  11. You FEAR failure and can’t handle rejection. This only reiterates your internal thinking that “you’re not good enough”.

  12. You RELY on external reward or recognition to make you feel valid. You need something or someone to signify that you have done a good job.

  13. You BREAKDOWN - physically & emotionally. When everything you do catches up with you, you can lash out, run away, get injured/sick, cry or stay in bed all day.

  14. You’re the OG of people pleasing. You want to be the best at everything and that includes how you treat people. Disappointing someone is just not on the cards.

  15. You’ve got a heart of gold, a work ethic stronger than most and big GOALS.

The truth is, if you’re an overachiever you can go far in life…but at the huge risk of burning out. Learning how to manage your overachiever tendencies will help you become more self-aware; find balance, control and confidence and live in alignment with your values. In my health coaching programs, I have helped both busy women and young athletes excel without sacrificing their mental & social health – something they never knew was possible. My programs are designed to build on your strengths, deepen your understanding and promote self-awareness so that you can overcome your limiting behaviours and achieve your goals, both now and in the future.

You can check out my website or Instagram for more information about Gen 5 Health and Wellness and what we can do for you!

Mikeely x

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