Why you (and your hair) need Damn Gina in your life!

Damn Gina specialises in stylish silk accessories for curly-maned goddesses, fine-waved babes and coily-haired divas.  Did you know that 65% of females have textured hair? More interesting still, the curly hair gene is dominant, meaning the percentage of curly-haired gals is only going to increase with time.  Female empowerment and self-love has shaped the previous decade and has extended to Curlies across the world putting down their heat styling tools in a bid to embrace their natural hair in all its bouncy glory. However, the renaissance of ‘the curl’ has been met with two interesting dilemmas. Firstly, styling curly hair takes time and effort so maintaining luscious curls for longer than a day is no easy feat! Secondly, there isn’t many (if any) hair accessories specifically designed for textured-haired girls that actually look stylish… well, up until now!  Enter Damn Gina, your go to for all things stylish and silky when it comes to hair accessories.  We got the inside scoop on this amazing brand and why you need a silk turban in your life…

Tell us all about how Damn Gina came about and the inspiration behind the brand?
The inspiration for Damn Gina came from this slow, but steady and powerful movement taking place all over the world of self-love and self-realisation. The body positivity movement paved way for women to embrace their natural hair and I was one of those women. Having hated my thick curly unruly hair for a good 20  years, women embracing their natural beauty was refreshing. Along with it, came the issue of “how-to”s and this information overload of natural hair products, the dos and the don’ts. Once you master all of that, there still was the problem of how to look put together with healthy curls the second day. A 24-hour journey to Milan in a high-pressure cabin gave the idea of a new age bonnet, that is chic, can be worn indoors and outdoors, look stylish at the same time help protect the curls and that is when the Damn Gina journey began.

Your turbans are absolutely fab and one of our favourite pieces! For ladies who haven’t tried these before and are curious – what are the benefits and are they comfortable?
Thank you! The turbans have two layers. The inner layer that touches the hair is made of 27 momme, the highest quality mulberry silk and the outer layer is the softest organic cotton jersey that gives it the shape and flexibility. The naturally occurring amino acids and protein in the silk help nourish hair. The satin weave texture cocoons the hair gently whereas a cotton pillowcase can be rough and can cause breakage and frizz. The turban goes the extra mile – along with all the benefits of the silk – your hair stays in one place when you toss and turn. It is small enough to fit in your carry bag and you don’t have to drag your silk pillowcase on every holiday and every flight journey also, it is chic enough as a fashion accessory that instantly lifts any outfit when going out. Do you have a 5-day bun? no one will ever know!  They are super comfy. a wide elastic band at the nape of the neck hold the turban in place without being too tight.

Apart from the amazing range of silk accessories to cancel out bad hair days, how does Damn Gina wants to empower women through amazing hair and feeling confident?
By carrying the message of self-love. It sounds like a buzz word but is so so needed in this day and age of constant comparisons. We want to work on the content that is about being the best version of ourself through interviews with inspirational women in the natural hair sector, easy ways to embrace natural hair, caring for natural hair laced with humour, while not judging anyone. We also have plans to involve ourself with organisations that help with self-esteem and confidence cultivation in women in the future.

What does self-love mean to Gina?
Self-love is trying to be the best version of one’s self. not someone else’s but your own and it is a journey. it can’t be achieved overnight and it’s not easy. But remember – you are your harshest critic and this holds true for me too.  So always give that word of encouragement to yourself the way you would do to your loved ones 🙂

What are the benefits of silk hair accessories?
Silk is soft and gentle on hair as well as skin. It is also thermoregulating, moisture-wicking, doesn’t hold on to smells, naturally anti-static that helps in keeping the dreaded bed head at bay. Silk scrunchies are the best for hair in terms of reducing breakage and hair tie lines. The higher quality silk lasts longer because of its thickness.

Are there any exciting new products in the works you can give us a hint about?
Oh so so many! But let’s just start with little turbans! 😉

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Thank you so much @damn.gina.au, we could not be more on board with your mission of self love and canceling out bad hair days!

Hayley x

Hayley Payne

Chief Editor

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