Isabella Laws: Marketing Coordinator

Isabella Laws at Saski Collection HQ

Isabella Laws path to her dream job was fairly standard in the beginning, then when an opportunity was offered to work with one of best friends in an industry perfect to utilise her double degree in Business and Communications the career stars aligned and she has never looked back. We spoke to Bella about her role at Saski Collection, found out about a day in the life, her advice for aspiring career gals and her favourite part about Saski HQ in our latest #mymoderncareer interview!

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Melissa Synnott: PR Brand Manager & Strategist

Melissa 2

Imagine being thrust into the world of PR, social media and managing someone else’s personal brand and thriving business at the age of 22! Melissa Synnott knows EXACTLY what this is like, and her job as a brand manager and strategist is challenging, exciting, tough and ultra-rewarding… oh, and hands down the best job in the world!

Read more to find out all about Melissa’s path to PR as a career and some invaluable advice from this vibrant and focused gal on the way up in our first #mymoderncareer interview!

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