#bethegirl interview with Sarah Conte

Sarah Conte has been in the fitness industry 13 years including lecturing for some of Australia’s largest fitness academy’s.  During this time Sarah experienced many ups and downs along the way and personal struggles with body image. Now a gym program manager in Melbourne, Sarah’s passion lies mainly in two areas: group fitness and body image confidence.  Sarah’s mission is to educate women and empower them to understand their worth beyond image and has drawn on her own personal experiences to create #Projectgoddess, a community and brunch meet-ups and workshops to really empower women to find their inner goddess and finding their inner beauty which is exactly why Sarah is our latest #bethegirl interviewee!

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Danielle Larkin: founder of active wear label d+k

Danielle Larkin, founder of active wear label d+k

Last month on TDP we featured eco-friendly active wear label d+k.  We were so inspired by this Australian company’s ethos of Be Bold, Be Brave, Be You, their body positive message and a genuine commitment to sustainable business practices we wanted to find out more about the powerhouse founder of the lifestyle brand, Danielle Larkin.

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The Feel Good Physio: Shannan Ballin


Physiotherapist, business owner, mum and someone who just radiates positivity, energy and good vibes is Shannan Ballin.  We spoke with this busy mama to find out why having a career in the health and wellness industry is awesome, the importance of scheduling ‘me’ time without the guilt and how to maintain balance (including a cheeky cocktail every now and then!).  Read more to be inspired and get some of those good vibes for your Friday!

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