#bethegirl interview with Sarah Conte

Sarah Conte has been in the fitness industry 13 years including lecturing for some of Australia’s largest fitness academy’s.  During this time Sarah experienced many ups and downs along the way and personal struggles with body image. Now a gym program manager in Melbourne, Sarah’s passion lies mainly in two areas: group fitness and body image confidence.  Sarah’s mission is to educate women and empower them to understand their worth beyond image and has drawn on her own personal experiences to create #Projectgoddess, a community and brunch meet-ups and workshops to really empower women to find their inner goddess and finding their inner beauty which is exactly why Sarah is our latest #bethegirl interviewee!

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The Jungle Body with Jenna

Jungle Body fitness instructors Jenna and Bec

On TDP we talk a lot about keeping your health and wellness promise to yourself.  But as we all know this can be challenging!  The first step is to make the time and not letting the ‘I simply don’t have time’ reason (or excuse!) get in our way.  Once you decide to make time, putting together a routine with variety is key to maintaining it and staying interested and motivated.  When balancing out your routine, adding something fun and a little bit different is the perfect way to switch things up! We spoke with fitness instructor Jenna about exactly how to do that with The Jungle Body with Jenna classes!
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