Amanda Boleyn: founder & CEO of She Did it Her Way

Amanda Boleyn, CEO & Founder of She Did It Her Way
TDP is BIG on personal and professional development, and are always eager to continue to learn and grow through our journey of creating a lifestyle and career destination for real modern women.  So when we discovered She Did It Her Way’s podcast, all of our education dreams in this space came true!  We spoke with CEO and founder Amanda Boleyn about her own journey from a corporate career to her first taste of entrepreneurship traveling the globe with companies like JP Morgan, Weight Watchers and Trend Micro to launching her own creative outlet turned business.  Read more for the full interview.

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Find your healthy with Georgie Stevenson

Health and fitness entrepreneur, Georgie Stevenson

Imagine deciding to change your career path just one month before achieving a goal you have been working towards for five years, that you had always thought you would do and where you wanted to be.  That’s exactly what successful Brisbane-based social media influencer and business woman Georgie Stevenson did earlier this year!  Being so unquestionably passionate about health and fitness meant that Georgie craved a deeper understanding than your average fit-fluencer, which has now led her to pursuing her dream of becoming a qualified health coach.

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Founder of I am Happy, I am Here: Larissa Bateman

Larissa Bateman, founder of I am Happy, I am Here (photo by @joyoflightphotography)

The power of mindset is truly incredible, so nurturing positivity is fundamental to taking care of ourselves and maintaining balance.  Practicing gratitude through writing in a journal is an amazing way to focus on what is wonderful, declutter our minds, inspire and to improve productivity.  We spoke with Larissa from I am Happy, I am Here to learn how a life changing, personal experience led this #girlboss to launch a range of valuable tools and share the benefits of feeling grateful daily.

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