3 common myths about Instagram

Hayley and Katy, co-founders of Oh My Digital (Photo by Stayc Connolly Photography)

Ever since we started dreaming up Oh My Digital two years ago, we’ve been on a mission to bring transparency and honesty to the world of digital marketing, A.K.A cut out the BS. For every amazing digital marketer we know, sadly there are 15 cowboys spouting misinformation. It’s no wonder most business owners are left feeling totally bamboozled with all of the conflicting advice out there. One of the tactics we see rumours about the most would have to be marketing through Instagram. Over the years, Instagram has slowly started to address these and confirm they are untrue, so this post today is based on what we’ve heard straight from the horse’s mouth, as well as our own personal experience building our own profile and managing numerous Instagram accounts for our clients.

So in the interest of less BS, let’s jump right into the good stuff! Continue reading “3 common myths about Instagram”

New year, new attitude to your bookkeeping

Tips on starting off the year right to getting your accounting and bookkeeping in order by Michelle Knight

As we slide into February and say goodbye to the silly season, school holidays and long summer days, we must seriously start thinking about the year ahead – particularly in regard to getting on top of our business and our books!

January is a mixed bag for my clients. Some are eager to get the year moving – strategising with big projects ahead, while others are dreading some of the medial admin tasks like completing their BAS and staying on top of superannuation compliance.  To help make the start of 2019 a little easier, I have collated an action plan to getting on top of your books, because it really isn’t that bad! Read more for Little Miss Bookkeeping’s bookkeeing action plan! Continue reading “New year, new attitude to your bookkeeping”

How can your business benefit from a Virtual Assistant?

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Are you a busy business owner or entrepreneur trying to do it all? Do you sometimes just wish there were more of you or simply more time to get it all done?

Running and growing a business is A LOT of hard work. Trying to pack everything into an already filled day of to-do lists and tasks can be stressful and overwhelming. Sometimes it just seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day to achieve it all. Am I right? Continue reading “How can your business benefit from a Virtual Assistant?”