TDP is committed to maintaining sustainable practices in everything we do. We partner with suppliers that also share this passion for sustainability and to minimise the environmental impact of our products while not comprimising on quality, comfort, variety and style.

Zero Waste Mailers

Packages are sent in biodegradable, compostable mailers.

Local Suppliers

We partner with local supply companies where possible to reduce the need for transporting across long distances.

Organic Cotton

Our flagship Empowered Tee is crafted from eco-friendly Organic Cotton that has been grown without the use of herbicides or pesticides, which means it is better for our environment and is long wearing and super soft.

Smarter design

Our range has no price tags or pesky inner tags that you need to cut off and that eventually get thrown away! Our size and care instructions are printed on the neckline which is a more sustainable labeling practice.

Keepin it simple

Our range is carefully wrapped in compostable tissue paper that can be reused for gifting, then sealed with a TDP sticker that can be cut out and repurposed with our #tdpgirlsquad inspo card the perfect moodboard or work space addition!

Paperless approach

Our practices are almost completley paperless and digital, from your order confirmation right through to your invoice. We do not print packing slips, your shipping label is literally the only printing we do and we love that!