Episode 37 – Career chats and we unpack EXIE Studio with acclaimed fashion designer Christina Exie Be The Girl Podcast

Welcome to a brand new episode of Be the Girl Podcast. My guest today is Christina Exie, a mens and womenswear fashion designer with over 10 years’ global fashion industry experience. Her work focus is creative direction, design, and product development. Rich experiences within the sector have allowed her to develop products and seasonal ranges that combine commercial viability with authentic brand aesthetics. Graduating from RMIT University’s renowned fashion school, she had the privilege of completing an exchange at FIT, New York. From here, her design career took an unexpected twist, culminating in her winning the inaugural Project Runway Australia and leading to the launch of her eponymous brand of luxury Womenswear. Since then she has worked as a designer for many global fashion brands, and in 2017 she travelled to New York City to complete in Project Runway All-Stars amongst global Project Runway winners. Through her travels and experiences, she has consistently maintained a dedication to developing her design skills by completing two advanced pattern making and tailoring diploma's in 2021 and deepening her fashion industry expertise. We are chatting all about Christina's career journey so far and unpacking her amazing brand EXIE Studio. Let's get started! *Ad EXIE Studio is more than versatile sportswear that’s responsibly produced. It’s a lifestyle. Exie believe inside every woman is a warrior waiting to be unleashed, and their designs empower you to push past limiting barriers and harness that strength so you can take on any opponent and unlock your full potential. Founded by acclaimed designer Christina Exie to inspire driven women to stay at the top of their game – mentally and physically. With no-fuss, eco-friendly fabrics and versatile styles that effortlessly transition from brunch to gym to jet,  EXIE makes it easy for the modern-day professional to get active while feeling 100% confident. Shop the seamless, recycled and off duty collections at exiestudio.com and unleash your inner badass Less talk, more action and make impact, feel confident, empowered and step into your brilliance with Exie. Shop the range today and enjoy 10% off with BTG10 at checkout! Follow Be The Girl Podcast, The Daily Pretty and your host, Hayley Payne on Instagram. Find knowledge and empowerment and visit our online store at thedailypretty.com and sign up to our newsletter for 10% off!
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