Episode 41 – 'This is Me' for mental health & running a sustainable fashion label with Jasmine Gescheit Be The Girl Podcast

Welcome to a brand new episode of Be the Girl Podcast. Today I am excited to welcome Jasmine Gescheit to the show. Jasmine is an Australian fashion designer and entrepreneur, and is the founder of ethical and sustainable activewear brand, Jasmine Alexa. Jasmine Alexa is much more than just a fashion brand though. The core of Jasmine’s mission is making women feel their best from the inside out, with a focus on both physical and mental wellbeing. Her passion for mental health and wellbeing is showcased in her platform 'This is me' on the Jasmine Alexa website. Jasmine started 'This is me' in 2017 with the aim to normalise the discussion around mental health and create a place of open and honest dialogue after struggling with her own mental health battles throughout her teenage years. She also creates 'This Is Me' garments and donates the proceeds to Headspace Australia, the National youth mental health foundation. Today we are chatting all about Jasmine's university and career journey, starting her first business at 20 years old, the Jasmine Alexa label and amazing 'This is Me' initiative plus maintaining a well-balanced lifestyle running  two successful, self-funded businesses alongside design teaching. Truly an episode not to be missed, let's get started! Follow Be The Girl Podcast, The Daily Pretty and your host, Hayley Payne on Instagram. Find knowledge and empowerment and visit our online store at thedailypretty.com and sign up to our newsletter for 10% off!
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