Be The Girl Podcast

How your career and side hustle can work in synergy together

Kick-start 2020 with reflection, clarity, focus and realistic goal setting

Managing money, breaking through Imposter Syndrome and how to pivot in 2020

Moving from 9-5, to swimwear designer, business owner and entrepreneur

A real and raw approach to building a business and how to live a life you truly love

A holistic view of wellness, travel blogging, modelling and running a business

Rediscovering who you are, self worth and helping women to have more fun!

Solid nutrition advice and tips, finding healthy balance when wearing many hats and truly believing in yourself

Building a brand and service offering your clients trust, team culture and brow tips and tricks

Managing career, study and business and the power and benefits of networking events for women

Seperating work and being a mum without the guilt and non-traditional business tools that actually work

Switching careers to follow your passion, designing and managing anxiety effectively

Starting out in business as a young woman, empowering your team and championing body positivity in the modelling and influencer world

Stepping into your power through switching to a growth mindset