Episode 45 – My goal setting practice, taking inspired action & the 3 things you must do to set yourself up for success Be The Girl Podcast

Are you ready to set your 2022 goals & intentions but don't know where to start? Feeling overwhelmed about how to get clear on what you want, make your plan and start to take inspired action today? I've totally got you! In today's welcome back episode I chat all about the goal setting, planning and achieving process I have been using for years, during my career, starting my business The Daily Pretty, this podcast and most recently purchasing another property. I also talk you through the 3 things you must do to set yourself up for success plus some insight into following your heart, aligning with your true core values and going for it. Let's kick that inner mean girl to the curb, get aligned, clear, focused and motivated together! *AD When we talk about setting our goals, it's not just about the big things that we want to achieve. It is also the daily habits and practices that we want to do more of and make sure we are including in our routines. A daily habit that I'm making a non-negotiable is taking time to take care of my skin and to enjoy the daily practice of skincare, every morning and night.  I am so excited to be partnering with Bohemian Skin to get my skincare goals on track.  The Bohemian Skin range is Australian made, 100% natural and cruelty-free. Bohemian's aim is to provide everybody at every stage of life within effective range of skincare that can be used without fear of what it might be doing to your body and beneath the skin, which is a concern for all modern women. Tune in for more about how I am setting my skincare goals with Bohemian Skin, plus an amazing special discount code for all of our Be The Girl listeners! Explore the Bohemian Skin story and range here Follow Bohemian Skin on Instagram for all things skin and self care Follow Be The Girl Podcast, The Daily Pretty and your host, Hayley Payne on Instagram. Explore our digital magazine and visit our online store at thedailypretty.com 
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