A holistic view of wellness, travel blogging, modelling and running a business

Welcome to Episode 9! My guest today is Keira Rumble, founder of Krumbled Foods.  Keira is a huge foodie, health nut and wellness advocate which is at the heart and soul of Krumbled, who’s mission is to create the best in beauty food, sports nutrition and wellnessproducts.  Sydney based Keira also has a successful travel blog and a genuine and highly engaged Instagram community as well being a model and a dog mum to her two sweet pups Hercules and Hector!

The key takeaways you will get from our conversation are when starting out in business what not to do, the value of Instagram for your business or personal brand and why engagement is critical and the truth about what ‘healthy’ snacks should really mean.

We talk about early business lessons learned, simple but effective ways to get clarity and focus when you feel overwhelmed, Keira’s most memorable travel experience, morning rituals,  and so much more!  Keira was such a delight to talk to, I honestly felt like I was chatting with someone I have known forever!  Keira is so warm and genuine and this shines through in everything she does and her business Krumbled Foods.  Find Keira on Instagram at krumble, and for all of the latest updates from Krumbled foods head to their Instagram and check out the website at krumledfoods.com to shop the Beauty Bites, also available at Priceline. Let’s get into it…

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