Rediscovering who you are, self worth and helping women to have more fun!

My guest today is Steph Gorton, founder of Perth based business House of Hobby, running creative workshops which help women to have more fun!  Steph created House of Hobby after feeling lost for a long time, trying to be who everyone said she should be, fitting into societies square box and realising at 26 years old she had no idea who she was.  One day when putting together her resume and trying to put together the hobby section – Steph had an epiphany,  there must be other women out there who are feeling the same way and experiencing the same thing.  So House of Hobby was born and Steph has created and nurtured a community of women who do things for themselves and make time to put themselves first because….we freaking deserve it!

The key takeaways you will get from today are: What you must do first if you are on the path to moving from corporate to girl boss, why women today deserve to (and should) put themselves first and not feel guilty about it and what empowerment means to Steph personally and as a successful business woman and entrepreneur.  I spoke with Steph on a Saturday morning, and we both felt so energized and motivated after our conversation, I really hope you do too after listening to this episode! H x

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