Solid nutrition advice and tips, finding healthy balance when wearing many hats and truly believing in yourself

On Episode 7 of Be the Girl Podcast I am talking to Bec Miller, a Perth based nutritionist and the founder of her business, Health with Bec, who helps women reach their balanced weight, optimise gut health and increase their energy levels through nutrition and custom meal plans. This includes consultations personalised meal plans, e-books plus her motivational Instagram account jam packed with amazing recipes, tips and inspo!

The key takeaways you will leave with today are the importance of women who are often wearing many hats and juggling everything to ensure that they prioritise what they’re feeding their bodies, loving what you do being the foundation of creating a successful business which is also really relevant when it comes to career and the importance of self care and down time to balance out the hecticness. 

We’re talking business, believing in yourself and prioritising time to look after your mental and physical health.

Let’s get into it!

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