Managing career, study and business and the power and benefits of networking events for women

Welcome to Episode 5 of Be The Girl Podcast, my guest today is Jada Perfect, the boss lady behind Boss Lady Events, Boss Media Co and  Sesame Pizza.  The key takeaways you will get today are how to effectively manage and juggle multiple priorities from career to study to business, knowing when and how to expand and how to take your businesses to the next level and the power and benefits of networking events for women today.  Jada started Boss Lady Events when she was finishing up her Masters in Business in 2018. It was originally developed from providing her friends with business advice and throwing great parties. She combined both her passion for small business, meeting up with girlfriends and coaching them along their business journey to create these quarterly Luxe networking events. After 12 months it quickly developed into educational workshops for business owners and now one on one business coaching. As many of her clients wanted additional services Jada has recently launched the creative agency Boss Media Co. Her end goal is to be the one-stop business shop from creativity, to support and business execution. She can support all small business owners on their journeys. Jada is a hardworking and driven individual who gives everything a 110% and with saying that she also juggles her 3rd business Sesame Pizza. This family business has been owned by her husband for the last 18 years and over the last 6 years, she has taken the business in a new direction.  I absolutely loved chatting to Jada and we shared a common outlook and mindset on so many topics!  I hope you get as much out of listening to this episode as I did chatting with Jada all about her journey.  For all the latest Boss Lady Event updates follow their Instagram @bossladyevents and @bossmediaco_ and head over to for more.

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