Seperating work and being a mum without the guilt and non-traditional business tools that actually work

Episode 4 is with super savvy business woman Sandra-Lea, co-founder of Luxey Cup & boss lady of What Barney Wore. The key takeaways you will get from today’s episode are how to separate ‘work and business’ and ‘being a mum’ without the guilt, strategies to delight your customers and stakeholders in start up mode without an enormous marketing budget, the non-traditional business and career tools that more and more woman are implementing into their daily routines.

As a wife, mum of two little ones and being a driven, passionate business woman, running not one but two businesses with her husband Andy, Sandra-Lea is very in tune to the importance of setting boundaries & being present in the moment. Starting her first business when going on maternity leave, to recently rebranding this business PLUS launching a second one, Sandra-Lea’s background in sales and really hearing what customers need and want plus ensuring outstanding customer service are all at the core of how she runs her businesses. Sandra-Lea is a bundle of energy, I love her entrepreneurial mindset, and tenacity but also knowing how to separate work and family to be completely present and balance both in a healthy way.

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