Starting out in business as a young woman, empowering your team and championing body positivity in the modelling and influencer world

Episode 2 is a conversation with young entrepreneur Nina, Founder and Managing Director of @neonmodelmanagement  one of the largest & first Influencer and Modelling Agencies in Australia. From our conversation you will learn tips on starting out in business and how sometimes simplicity is key, managing business mechanics and investing back into your business, why clients and your people are no 1 PLUS a whole lot more! Nina started NEON in 2015 and has continued to grow her flourishing business, taking it from strength to strength working with reputable brands including names such as American Express, Dior, Bulgari, Sephora, Westpac, Pretty Little Thing, Revolve and Luisa Via Roma. Nina has an outstanding work ethic, is extremely business savvy in a fast paced and competitive industry while staying true to making her clients and team top  priority and championing body positivity in the modelling and influencer world. Also being in her 20’s, I was SO inspired talking to Nina and I know you will be too by listening to this episode! 

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