Managing money, breaking through Imposter Syndrome and how to pivot in 2020

Welcome back to Episode 12 of Be the Girl Podcast!  Today my amazing guest is Business Coach, Clare Wood. We talk all about how Clare went from Accountant to Commercial Manager to Business Coach and Business Owner, take a deep dive into managing finances – both personal and when running a biz, what Imposter Syndrome is and how to deal with it, getting clear on what you want to achieve and your goals plus how to start small and then move to pivot and transition to something new in 2020, and a whole lot more. Clare’s expertise is in Business Coaching and this episode is literally like a one on one coaching session for career driven and women in business not to be missed! Follow Clare on Instagram @clare_wood_coach!

And that’s a wrap on Season 1!

Thank you tuning in to Be the Girl Podcast! This podcast has been such a massive personal growth journey for me and is truly my passion project.  An extension of The Daily Pretty, being able to bring you these conversations with such amazing, relatable, knowledgeable women has been so rewarding and such an honour!  We will be back in 2020 with a brand new season, some exciting updates and we will be expanding our discussion topics to not just focus on business, career and entrepreneurship – but to also dive into health and fitness, nutrition, spirituality, mindfulness and relationships. 

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And remember…Be The Girl who decided to go for it!

Hayley x

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