Moving from 9-5, to swimwear designer, business owner and entrepreneur

Today on Episode Eleven I am chatting to business coach, entrepreneur, speaker and mentor Jess Williamson, founder of Ete Swimwear.  Jess started Ete Swimwear in 2016 at just 22, after feeling unfulfilled in her 9-5 she pursued her love of design and the beach to launch what is now one of Australia’s most coveted swimwear brands. With a background in digital marketing and a wealth of experience and knowledge across running all aspects of a successful business, Jess shares her career to business journey, the highs and lows along the way, why showing the behind the scenes and keeping it real and authentic is a key part to brand strategy along with some relatable advice whether you are starting uni, finding your way in your career or launching a business.  Lets get straight into it….

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