Business journey: Saski Collection

Tammy Hembrow, Founder and CEO of Saski Collection

What happens when one of Australia’s leading fitness mentors and entrepreneurs  designs a luxury athleisure label to inspire confidence in women inside and outside the gym? Saski Collection.  Created by Tammy Hembrow for women with a passion for fitness and fashion with a focus on strength and style, Saski Collection is so much more than just a label. From empowering women through confidence to work towards their goals, supporting important society campaigns such as anti-bullying, to fostering a creative and positive work culture at their stunning Gold Coast based HQ, this is one Australian business that is not slowing down any time soon! We take a look at the business journey so far from launch day to the recent launch of the on-trend Neon collection.

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Cassandra Anderson: Illustrator & Artist

Cassandra Anderson (photo credit @donna_fortune_photography)

Rediscovering a passion for creativity and art has turned into a career for Cassandra Anderson, a super talented Australian based illustrator.  Feeling unfulfilled after completing a Commerce Degree and literally one day before starting a corporate role, some spare time spent drawing some fashion figures put everything into motion and has led to a collab on an  upcoming coffee table book! Read more about Cassandra’s journey in our latest #mymoderncareer interview!
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