Hotel Miami: Co-working space cool

Hotel Miami: co-working space, photo studio and gallery space

With the entrepreneurial spirit stronger than ever on Queensland’s Gold Coast and more and more creatives and business owners branching out to do their own thing, co-working spaces have become a staple for those who work from home but need an alternative to change-up their week.  Finding such a space with pink couches, neon signs and lush greenery seems impossible right…until we discovered Hotel Miami: a co-working pad with a retro interior for like-minded folk. We spoke with co-owner Jessie Jones about how the pink inspired dream came to life, what’s on offer and the scoop on the benefits of a co-working space.
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Clare: Founder of Bon Maxie

Clare, founder of Bon Maxie

Creativity and business combined.  This is Clare’s ultimate dream that she never knew she could achieve….until she did! Bon Maxie was founded when Clare became a mumma back in 2015, and through a series of personal circumstances has flourished into a thriving business and full time gig. Read more to discover how it all began, the Bon Maxie creative design process, how outsourcing has helped the business, why challenges and innovation go hand in hand plus much, much more!
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Simone Barter: Founder of The White Walls Project

simone pic.jpg

With a design studio, three fashion stores and an online fashion website plus now starting The White Walls Project, Simone Barter is a total #bethegirl entrepreneur with over 15 years’ experience of running creative businesses and being self-employed.  Add into the mix being mumma of twin girls who are now tweens, Simone knows all about what it takes to push through the hard times and enjoy the fabulous times while staying true to YOUR path.  Read more to find out what inspired TWWP, how women can make other women stronger and the power of fearless strength!
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