Founder of I am Happy, I am Here: Larissa Bateman

Larissa Bateman, founder of I am Happy, I am Here (photo by @joyoflightphotography)

The power of mindset is truly incredible, so nurturing positivity is fundamental to taking care of ourselves and maintaining balance.  Practicing gratitude through writing in a journal is an amazing way to focus on what is wonderful, declutter our minds, inspire and to improve productivity.  We spoke with Larissa from I am Happy, I am Here to learn how a life changing, personal experience led this #girlboss to launch a range of valuable tools and share the benefits of feeling grateful daily.

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Kate Emiley: your personal marketing manager

Kate Emiley, your personal marketing manager

Are you looking for a personal marketing manager who is obsessed with helping your business grow and build a thriving relationship with your community?  Then Kate Emiley is your lady!  With a wealth of experience and knowledge with all things brand related, Kate has worked with health, wellness and lifestyle brands Lululemon and MiGoals.  Read more for valuable insights from this industry insider and how to access  her amazing complimentary Brand Storytelling Guide that is hot off the press!
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Workshop&: skill building empowerment platform

Mersi, Amanda and Elinor from Workshop&

What happens when three strong, ambitious, successful women in the construction industry unite?  The powerhouse team behind skill building empowerment platform Workshop& that’s what!  Read more to find out how it all relates to a modern career, the productivity tool that you need in your life right now and how free cupcakes fit into this girl gang’s growth plan!
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