The Jungle Body with Jenna

Jungle Body fitness instructors Jenna and Bec

On TDP we talk a lot about keeping your health and wellness promise to yourself.  But as we all know this can be challenging!  The first step is to make the time and not letting the ‘I simply don’t have time’ reason (or excuse!) get in our way.  Once you decide to make time, putting together a routine with variety is key to maintaining it and staying interested and motivated.  When balancing out your routine, adding something fun and a little bit different is the perfect way to switch things up! We spoke with fitness instructor Jenna about exactly how to do that with The Jungle Body with Jenna classes!
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Find your healthy with Georgie Stevenson

Health and fitness entrepreneur, Georgie Stevenson

Imagine deciding to change your career path just one month before achieving a goal you have been working towards for five years, that you had always thought you would do and where you wanted to be.  That’s exactly what successful Brisbane-based social media influencer and business woman Georgie Stevenson did earlier this year!  Being so unquestionably passionate about health and fitness meant that Georgie craved a deeper understanding than your average fit-fluencer, which has now led her to pursuing her dream of becoming a qualified health coach.

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Super Summer Smoothies


Smoothies and juices are a great way to pack in those extra veges and leafy greens everyday (which can even be ‘disguised’ if you prefer a sweeter flavor).  A daily breakfast smoothie is perfect for when you are rushing out the door so there is no excuse to skip breakfast ever again! Continue reading “Super Summer Smoothies”