Business journey: Saski Collection

Tammy Hembrow, Founder and CEO of Saski Collection

What happens when one of Australia’s leading fitness mentors and entrepreneurs  designs a luxury athleisure label to inspire confidence in women inside and outside the gym? Saski Collection.  Created by Tammy Hembrow for women with a passion for fitness and fashion with a focus on strength and style, Saski Collection is so much more than just a label. From empowering women through confidence to work towards their goals, supporting important society campaigns such as anti-bullying, to fostering a creative and positive work culture at their stunning Gold Coast based HQ, this is one Australian business that is not slowing down any time soon! We take a look at the business journey so far from launch day to the recent launch of the on-trend Neon collection.

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Motivate Me Wellness Box

As busy gals and all that comes with our modern lifestyle, convenience is key especially when it comes to health and fitness.  This is where a subscription box comes to the rescue! A part from convenience, choosing a subscription box that is right for you has many other benefits and when Motivate Me Wellness Box released their first Summer Box earlier this month we had to find out more! Find out all about the healthy, natural Australian products that are included and how to start enjoying the benefits today!

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The Jungle Body with Jenna

Jungle Body fitness instructors Jenna and Bec

On TDP we talk a lot about keeping your health and wellness promise to yourself.  But as we all know this can be challenging!  The first step is to make the time and not letting the ‘I simply don’t have time’ reason (or excuse!) get in our way.  Once you decide to make time, putting together a routine with variety is key to maintaining it and staying interested and motivated.  When balancing out your routine, adding something fun and a little bit different is the perfect way to switch things up! We spoke with fitness instructor Jenna about exactly how to do that with The Jungle Body with Jenna classes!
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